[Introduction] Milky Way Trust; a celestial dream for social change

The Milky Way Trust is a youth-led, non-profit, organization working to improve underprivileged families by educating their children. We not only support and encourage the school going children but also those who have left their schools due to financial constraints. The Trust is voluntarily managed by the youth, who devote their time, knowledge and monetary services to deliver the promised service. Currently we are supporting 40 needy and talented children by paying their school fees.

At Milky Way we believe that in the coming years beggary will be more common in our region and the number of displaced and homeless people will also increase. The main cause for this will be illiteracy. This trend has to be stopped and we have already taken the initial steps, in our own capacities.

History holds that great individuals who carried on in their lives despite of all odds were the ones who led their communities and nations toward prosperity and peace. We also want to nurture the potentials of kids who may otherwise be faced with difficulties in pursuit of their education. We are hoping that the little support that we provide today will crate history makers who will make the region and humanity proud.

Logo of the organization

The economy is being changed from agrarian to job oriented competitive one. In this new economic system only those who are equipped with modern education will live successfully so, we need to educate those who cannot afford otherwise the society will face drastic consequences like increase in crime rate, low per capita income etc. Sectarian violence and regional prejudice is the Pandora box of all our problems. If we educate our young minds they will understand the differences, concentrate on the similarities and think on humanitarian basis. If we could not stop these prejudices from making a home in the minds and hearts of our new generations then we will never dream for a peaceful and friendly world.

These are the challenges that we are and will face in the future. Milky Way prepares the society for this changing world which is only possible through education. We receive donations from philanthropic and generous people who adopt a needy child and pay school fee through us. This is an indirect adoption where we will share the child’s financial, social, academic and annual fee challan with the donor while the child will only know that he or she is a scholar of Milky Way. The donor can also help the child in buying books, uniform, stationary, school bag etc. through us. We also receive donations for arranging summer camps, extra-curricular activities, books for libraries, setting computer labs, launching awareness campaigns etc.

It is a project by the youth of today for the youth of tomorrow. We have Milky Way university ambassadors in almost all the prestigious universities of Pakistan as well as in four international universities. This way Milky Way has brought all the youth at one common point where they can play their role for the betterment of their society therefore we are the voices of future generations. Come and be our voice so that we could sing the song of Milky Way more loudly and boomingly for our next generations.

For more details visit www.themilkywaytrust.org

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