Live your day as if it is your last day

Kamal Uddin Hunzai

We, the human beings think that death is a certain thing in an uncertain and cynical way. No one wants to die because everyone fears the fire of hell. Surprisingly, everyone wishes to go to Heaven but still does not want to die first. This is intrinsic randomness in human behavior.

“Live your day as if it is your last day.”

I heard this quote somewhere and pondered for a while in silence. What I came up with was very pleasing. This principle or philosophy of life is one of the possible solutions via which we can take our country on the track of development very soon.

Let us all ask ourselves that what if it is our last day? Our answers will be extremely positive because we all yearn for heaven and its price is good deeds and a balanced-life. I believe it is a basic principle that can change our perspectives and widen our horizons. This idea is not quixotic. We are making our utopian land a dystopian nation for future generation through unwise decisions.

I will now briefly shed light on the pros of this principle in our life.

Sometimes I feel our rulers and leaders have become sadists and ironically their subjects do penance for their wrongdoings and still subjects show pacifism as if they have become masochists. Let us assume that our Leaders and Rulers, who have epicurean tendencies and who always, try to be indifferent to their vagrant subjects, start to believe that it is their last day. Will they ever fleece their country and subjects, of whom they are servants, ruthlessly? I believe the answer is No, because they want taste the relish of Heaven. Our working class seems to be surprisingly trying to ingratiate their bosses more than their Creator (God). We all have become extremely obsequious towards worldly relations.

How about Businessmen who need nothing but money in general and handsome profit in particular and whose thirst for money is unquenchable. If they act upon this principle there will be equal distribution of wealth. Recently we saw that everything that we consume or use from our breakfast to dinner be it cooking oil or detergents or spices or anything, is a replica of original brands with unoriginal fillings. Making cooking oil from intestines of dead animals is a simply inhumane thing to do. Copying original products with lethal chemicals formulae and using rotten ingredients for manufacturing of edibles is horribly wrong. If they fear it is their last day I believe they would never do it.

Procrastination, which is inextricably attached to us, and other social vices are aftermaths of our attitude of putting off todays work on next day. What all of us suppose that today is our last day then all the undone things can be done today and no one can say I will do it tomorrow because we are unsure of tomorrow and we want to live today as happily and fairly as we can. This insensitive, irresponsible and non-serious behavior can be overturned literary overnight.

To sum up, what I believe is if we all follow this principle then we can all be worldly more successful, spiritually pious and ascetic, morally strong, educationally practical, religiously unflinching, linguistically less profane, socially gregarious, professionally unparalleled, economically sustainable, politically stable, environmentally ecstatically seraphic and the list goes on and on.

The contributor is a student of GCU Lahore. He can be reached at kamal.gcu@gmail.com

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