The Penguins of Gilgit Baltisan (GB) – A Political Satire

By: Ashabullah Baig

There are penguins found all over GB, they say!

Some have witnessed them dancing in the shadows of snowy mountains!

Some claim to have seen them basking in the sun on the plates of frozen glaciers!

Beautiful penguins thumping their feet in unison with rhythm!

But lo!

There are no shores in GB, no beaches to sustain the living of beautiful penguins!

Then how come these beautiful creatures have made to it the area!

Are there really any penguins in GB at all?

And I say …..Yes there are!

They are born of the demons of the mountains!

They are the real sons and daughters of the soil…..born of the soil!

The penguins…. The beautiful penguins of GB!

They thrive on the waters flowing out of the teeth of mountains!

They swim in the lakes created out of the wrath of Mother Nature!

The penguins…. The beautiful penguins of GB!

They have their own stereotypes!

They are resilient yet dangerously friendly!

When they are gloomy, they turn cheerful!

When they are cheerful, they turn gloomy!

They are faithful….. Extremely faithful ….. To the extent of life and death!

They are honest to the core…..humble and docile by spirit!

When somebody cheats them…. They give a smile!

They are imbued with tolerance and patience of a sage!

Yet they are emotional, sensitive and vulnerable!

My dear and lovely penguins of GB!

Have lost their appetite for the fish long ago!

Now they eat grass, rocks and pebbles….and sleep deep in the dark!

Yet they show no signs of worry!

They are governed by Donkeys ….and shepherded by Wolves!

Yet they have no complaints!

They read books…. they have wisdom….a dormant and inert wisdom!

They have lost their wings long ago…..yet they pretend to fly high in the mountains!

Like a balloon in the sky!

Yet they dance thumping their feet with such a rhythm ….. That it gives us allusion of their unity!

While a thief steals their eggs…..prey on their rights…. Rips them of their identity!

They spend their days and night in petty squabbles!

They are a bunch of (un)happy (un)lucky penguins!

My dear… lovely….beautiful ….and Poor penguins of GB!

May the Lord be with thou!

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