Paragliding enthusiast dies in accident

Images: Anwer Shah

Gulmit: A 30 year old paraglider Muhammad Mohsin Zaki, from Lahore, was killed in a paragliding accident at Ayeenabad locality of Shishkat village in Upper Hunza. He took off from Karimabad and after 20 minutes hit a mountain just above Ayeenabad due to heavy wind.


The members of CERT team of Focus Humanitarian rescued the body and shifted to tehsil headquarter hospital Gulmit. The body was later sent to Lahore.


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  1. It is very a sad accident, and have sympathies with the families of the dead person. However, the weather was inclement for any such activity. Focus volunteers make us proud again!

  2. Allah unki maghfirat kre or un ki aagay ki manzilen asaan kre.ameen.or un ki family ko sabar azeem atta kre .ameen

  3. rich people and their obsession to become men!for which they spend millions while poor starve. this is no shahadat! hadeeth tells us that muslim must not waste time in useless sports and activities.muslims only passion must be jihad.and in jihad alone people achieve shahadat

  4. Really sad news… May Allah (swt) give the departed soul higher place in jannah and Sabr (patience) to the family…Aameen

  5. اناللہ وانا الیہ راجعون۔
    Big lost for our family , May Allah bless his soul and give highest place in Jan nah Ameen
    Pasha/ Ibnan Johri

  6. Great irreplaceable loss for family and friends who knew Mohsin’s soul that never stopped stirring, exploring and soaring. He lived and died looking to the skies, seizing the day with both hands and stepping out the door into the arms of his ever loving maker.

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