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Indian claim over Gilgit-Baltistan baseless and contrary to historical facts, Shehbaz Khan Advocate Vice Chairman GB Bar Council

Giligt (PR): Shehbaz Khan Advocate Vice Chairman Gilgit Baltistan Bar Council has condemned the recent statement of Indian Government claiming the Gilgit Baltistan as part of India. He has also condemned Indian opposition and interference in proposed projects of Pakistan China Economic Corridor crossing GB, Bunji Hydro Power & Diamer Basha Dam. Mr. Shehbaz Khan termed these statements and claims as unfounded, baseless and useless.

Mr. Shehbaz Khan Advocate clarified that Gilgit Baltistan was liberated on 1st November 1947, by the local inhabitants without any external help or assistance, from the Maharaja J & K over the area since its illegal and forcible occupation in 1865. Gilgit Baltistan never remained part of Kashmir rather became part of State of Jamu & Kashmir as a result of forcible occupation by the Mahraja J & K in 1865. The Amritsar Pact 1846, which includes the territories of Kohistan, Hazarah & even some parts of Punjab, sold by the British to Maharaja J & K but it does not include Gilgit Baltistan in the territories of Kashmir defined therein. Thus claim of India over GB has no justification and reason at all.

Mr. Shehbaz Khan said that the people of Gilgit Baltistan took back their homeland from the illegal occupation of the Maharaja Kashmir and established the Revolutionary State of Islamic Republic of Gilgit Baltistan on 1st November, 1947 governed by a Revolutionary Government, which made unconditional accession with the newly established Pakistan. He has said that unfortunately after a lapse of 67 years the people of GB have been denied from their legitimate constitutional & democratic rights enjoyed by the people of other units of Pakistan & AJK.

Mr. Shehbaz Khan regretted that all this, has happened at the behest of masterminds & beneficiaries of colonial system sitting in the corridors of Ministry of KA&GB in Islamabad and their appointed representatives ruling the GB. The denial of constitutional rights and governing of Gilgit Baltistan through remote controlled colonial system from Islamabad through issuance of executive orders by the Ministry of KA&GB has not only aggravated the sense of deprivation among the people of GB up to an extreme level but it has also provided a golden opportunity to the Indians to propagate against Pakistan in this regard and giving the Indians a courage to make a baseless claim over GB and to oppose the projects of Pakistan China Economic Corridor crossing 600 KM in GB & the Bunji / Diamer Basha Dam to be constructed herein.

Mr. Shehbaz Khan has emphasized that the time has come that the Federation of Pakistan must realize this alarming situation and review its painful policies towards GB and its people by giving them the same constitutional status and rights enjoyed by other units of Pakistan or even the same constitutional and democratic rights and status enjoyed by the people of AJK under Interim Constitution Act 1974 & Indian occupied J & K guaranteed under Article 370 of Indian Constitution 1948 and the Constitution of J & K 1957 if the GOP is determined to keep on considering the GB as a disputed area.

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  1. Well done! Voices need to be raised for constitutional rights, Government of Pakistan needs to realize the strategic importance of the Gilgit-Baltistan region and its proper amalgamation with Pakistan! Indeed a wakeup call..

    1. Thanks Mr. Karim for realization of the sensitivity of the issue.

  2. You have always raised your voice against in-discrimination by the Local and Federal Government towards the rights of people of Gilgit-Baltistan, undoubtedly you are a true Patriot.
    We always support people who raise their voice for rights and injustice(s).
    This time the issue is claiming of GB area by Government of India, which is indeed unjustifiable and illogical. These things will emerge again and again until we (GB) gets its status and due rights.

    1. Thanks Samina: for your valuable and encouraging remarks.

      The role of political leadership and other stake holders of GB remained highly disappointing & discouraging so far in respect of this fundamental issue. However the political struggle and legal fight in the Apex Courts of Federation of Pakistan for due constitutional rights and status of two million neglected people of GB, i assure, to be continued till last breath.

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