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Kamran Karim Malang

The narrative which births with the evolution of a male, often not got the attention, mainstream, but onKamran KArim the other hand it’s also discussed, sometime it rose as an ordinary with gradual or silent issues. But it’s a stream which incessantly flowing and making its own way, more than appreciable. Not bothering and deteriorating any item. There are several reasons but what my knowledge defines by surmising primordial or bygone time is: the traditions around the globe, the male owners, and male utter dominant societies.

 The notion was; excessively considered women something weakening sentiments, expertise, leading conscious or energy. The one, being who is physically weak, emotional, and facing bodily issues are no more than myth propositions, poetry or religious discriminating assumptions. The chaos results agony more than immolates or other legitimate suffering. The essence of lucidity may take enough progress. There is a narrative, etymological; the word women refer to female adult and girl as a child or adolescent but often and here women means a female human. The word women progressed over the past millennium from wifmann to wimmann then to wummen, wifmann is occurred in Anglo-Saxon Dictionary. The fundamental observations and significant research methodologies often reveals the actuality of reality. In order to understand a women one should indeed, especially a man must think that there is more to a women then her physical appearance. She appears essentially to the male as a sexual being, a separated gender or something else other than inspiration or human, indeed; a Women’s power has been defined and differentiated with the reference of what has no value.

From the very beginning Women power has being abased. One said, “Maybe its world of men but women can control a man”. A very austere line but this positively shows women power and there is no ambiguity, indeed. Here an austere observation bud indeed profound which I think takes one’s attention to meet the essence, basic importance and everything which is real in women. In a recent blog entitled “Why women should lead boldly” by Sharon Hadary and Lauren Henderson, explained six main characteristics to lay the foundation of a successful leadership: a leadership which would entail to propel what has to be. Women are values-based, Women are holistic, Women are inclusive, Women invest time in consultation, Women create sheared vision, goals and values, Women generate trust from employees. For any sort of successful company, organization, or institution former characteristics must be fulfilled, it’s admirable that these can be found in a women. And more of it is the power to exercise with more accountability and better consequences can be done by a woman. A women who unconditionally do fulfill: as Socrates said, “The greatest way to live with honor in this World is to be what we pretend to be,” “Whatever a man can do, a woman can do better” indeed, the belief what not only supported by myself but myriad of researchers and social scientists. UK strategy of mental health, i.e., “No health without mental health” leads to a survey of Women population, there discussed several issues. Women with several mental illnesses SMI were at particular high risk of community, domestic, and sexual violence.

The psychological morbidity experience of violent victimization was also greater in the SMI group, one of diseases is Schizophrenia. A woman with such a disorder continues to be able to perform complete family functions, i.e. cooking, washing, cleaning, child care, and domestic base security issues. Moreover, whatever the aura of women would be, she never possesses sinister qualities. This is what relinquishes newly good ideas and get us closer to realize a Woman. So, the institutions can’t be violating employment rights on unnecessary basis. Contrary, whatever the persons called, they on traditional bases doing abase a woman to achieve higher accomplishments. Such stereotypes aren’t only exists in other then Islamophobia, or in any other organization but so-called rights activists who even works for the betterment of women can do so. The basis what they surmise are worthless. It’s of not necessary to a woman to live with shame, unease; there is no more need to be. Alice Wolker, in defining a women who is unashamedly feminist, “A Womanist understands that her greatest strengths lie in her unique qualities and abilities as a Women, she understands that Women are not men and do not need to be.” The profound, indeed and of enthusiasm, the austere reality what he explained. A women’s greatest will exists in being her. She can do things in a perspective that many men would not consider to do so. Rationale, women shouldn’t try to be any other sex. Women have a lot to present in a society to inspire and become an exemplary. Even I have a notion of belief that there is much more in a woman.

From very evolution of man women have often been relegated to the footnotes. Meanwhile, theology argued, Woman in form of Mother is above holy sanctuary and is worth of reverence. Moreover, what I demand from concern authorities to take deliberate measures would be, in real sense: there should on the very beginning the conscious seminars. The awareness must have to be where it is deliberately needed to be. For instance: in leadership and political participation, ending of violence, economic empowerment, education, health, etc.

This is the time to come out in real sense to get a public victory and propel this transition state to the actual state. We are the part of digital revolution also known as Third Industrial Revolution. The concern authorities, present establishment must ensure women to access technology on economical rates. This can be testimony to bring equality without gender humiliation, human brotherhood. These are the most significant measures which are only with mutual efforts can bring changes. These are the only disciplinary tools to make a disciplined society full of ease, love, and wisdom. I have only hope and which I only considered way to not only make less difference but meet a new experience. This what nurtures to become a part to pass through that way? Yes, I hope, indeed.

The writer is student of of Sociology at Government College of Science Lahore.


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  1. Well done, good job my son. Lekin guik ka malang atumasila. Unay coloum uyonar pasand dibila. Dakey akhilatey girmiyme ne. Fazal Karim

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