Digital Narcotics

Rizwan Karim

Technology – The  God of Era, with the new inventions and advancements every day has made human being reliant upon digital devices ranging from education, social circle, banking, entertainment, communication, life style and other fields of life. It has created a logical world, where multiple solutions for a single problem exist with a single mouse click. What thing, which made all these digital devices more robust, is “The Internet “and its access everywhere. It has become an integral part of modern life style.

Narcotics in general are tobacco, alcohol etc and other addictive things, and if it is digital Narcotics it includes all the digital devices like Mobile phone, Smart phone tablet, laptop and palm top and their various applications.Untitled

Digital addiction is  an over exposure and dependency on digital devices.it is a state where the user neglects or fails to maintain a balance between the technology and social life. Technology is in-fact the need of the time and when technology becomes overused, it converts in to addiction. The most common addictions are web surfing for long hours, video gaming, online chatting, social networking and other applications (Apps) like facebook where Logout is hardest button to click on. Most interestingly, Selfie-mania has become a devastating trend and uploading on social media websites.

The symptoms include anxiety, depression, stress, loneliness,and vision problems. It has direct impact on the user’s behavior where he/she neglects the family and friends and other socal activites,feels restless when not engaged in these activities,impacts on the study and work performance,fails to control and many other changes.

As per research, the technologists will be future drug dealers. In US, the teenagers (8-18 years) spend 44.5 hours/week in front of screen. In Japan, more than 5Lacs teenagers are internet dependent. According to BBC report, some people get up in the mid night to check their messages.

The new generation gets prey of it. They learn to use computer in early ages. It is a good sign that our new generation knows about the world through internet, more advanced information than the books. The parents purchase the costly gadgets for the children for their happiness and well-being without knowing the consequences later. It is also their responsibility to monitor how they use.

The direct adverse impact of digital devices on physical, mental, social and behavioral well being is an increasingly concern. World is focusing on to tackle this issue. Korea, is leading by providing counselors for those who cannot control their online gaming and internet excess usage. Selfies have been banned in different countries.Last year in Portugal, a women died,when slipped from a bridge while taking selfie . Saudi Arabia banned selfies in Holy place of Makkah during pilgrimage.In Spain a guy has been fined with $4000 for snapping a selfie  during Bull run festival.

Unforutnately, our country is far behind to take any steps except banning of YouTube and few other unethical sites.With all these restrcitions,Pakistan has been listed on top with most viewers of those banned sites.Isn’t it funny!.in-fact it must be a matter of deep concern for the regulating authorities.It is spreading like an epidemic disease or a virus.

What they say “Nip the Evil in the Bud” .This is the time to act swiftly to guide and help our new generation about healthy internet characterstics.Like for every disease there is a proper medication and a diet,so to overcome Digital addiction a medication and a digital diet is required. Its the responsibility of everyone to come forward and defeat this evil.A strict parenting is required in order to monitor, advice, counsel, help, schedule the internet usage timings and to prevent new generation from the drawbacks of using digital devices.Encouraging them to participate in outdoor games & physical exercises, engaging in family, inducing book reading habits, and to participate in social activities  is required to ensure a healthy lifestyle.

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