India’s daydreaming about Gilgit-Baltistan

Karim Khan Saka

Looking at Gilgit Baltistan’s pre-partition history, we witness the pre-existence of several small princely states like: Hunza state, Nagar state, Baltistan state, Ghizer state, Gilgit state and many more. Despite their command differences people of the area were still harmoniously living together through thick and thin. We can take their unity as a major paradigm during their struggle and fight against the Dorga Raj. When on 1st November 1947 they chased and ousted the Dogras from GB to get independence, a thick line was already drawn. That is why historically and emotionally the people of GB never accept their land to be part of disputed Kashmir. After 16 days of their independence from Dogras, they willingly without any condition accepted to join the Islamic Republic of Pakistan and finally with the permission of Muhammad Ali Jinnah a political Agent was sent to Gilgit and the federation of Pakistan took control of Gilgit Agency.

When India took the issue of Jammu & Kashmir to the United Nations Security Council in 1948, Pakistan did not take a solid stand over Gilgit-Baltistan chapter at that time, in showing that people of GB had battled against Dogras and they joined Pakistan without any condition shortly after the partition. That was the right time to save GB from being disputed. But unfortunately GB was placed in the same basket as Kashmir and somehow their sacrifice against Dogras went in vain.

Since its accession to Pakistan, for seven decades on every front the people of Gilgit-Baltistan have shown their heartiest attachments to their motherland Pakistan. There should be and must not be any doubt about their loyalty to Pakistan. But India has been repeatedly propagating and claiming over GB. Contrary each time the people of GB have condemned the unjustified claim by India. It would be wise for India to read the history of freedom fighting by GBians against the Dogras and confess the truth that GB has never been and will never ever be part of India. It is merely a daydreaming of Modi sarkar and the Indian politicians.

The Indian narrative about Gilgit-Baltistan is incongruously groundless. People of Gilgit-Baltistan closely observe India’s injustice, brutality and offense in Kashmir every day. On one hand India chants the false slogan of being the largest democracy while on the other hand the innocent Kashmiris are assassinated by the Indian troops every day. India’s criminal and obnoxious face in Kashmir is not hidden from the world.  The time is surely not far when Kashmiris will also get freedom from the Hindu extremist regime of Modi & Co.

Pakistan can openly announce GB as its fifth Province for two reasons: (1) People of Gilgit Baltistan have bravely fought a historic war against Dogra Raj to win their independence and the fact cannot be denied. (2)GBians due to their religious and cultural affinity have joined Pakistan prior to India’s claim on Kashmir.  No doubt since the beginning GBians are standing shoulder to shoulder with Kashmiris in their quest for freedom but the case of GB is open and shut. GBians would love to reaffirm their unity and affiliation with Pakistan as a result of referendum if necessary, but they would love to have GB as fifth province of Pakistan where they may have equal right as first citizen of Pakistan.

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