10 beautiful photographs of the Tunnels and Bridges constructed in Hunza Valley

The KKH realignment project involved the construction of two large bridges, 78 small bridges and culverts and five tunnels between Attabad, Ayeenabad, Shishkat, Gulmit, Ghulkin and Hussani 0 villages of the Gojal Valley, Upper Hunza. Combined length of the tunnels is almost 7 kilometers.

Today (Monday), the Prime Minister of Pakistan Mian Muhammad Nawaz Sharif is scheduled to perform an inaugural ceremony in the region, if the weather remains clear.  The inaugural ceremony has been cancelled twice in the past due to inclement weather condition.

All photographs by Asghar Khan for Pamir Times.

Inside one of the tunnels
The tunnels being monitored through cameras
The realignment project was completed by China Roads and Bridges Corporation with the financial support of the governments of Pakistan and China
This bridge is over one kilometers long and connects Shishkat with Gulmit, two of the most populous villages of the Gojal Valley
During the last five years, while the realignment project was under-construction, the people of Gojal Valley had no option but to travel in boats.
One of the three bridges constructed as part of the realignment project in Ayeenabad, Shishkat.
A scenic view of the Ayeenabad Village (Shishkat) which was destroyed due to the blockade of the Hunza River
The combined length of the tunnels is almost 7 kilometers
The tunnels are wide, lit through solar energy, and have good ventilation system

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  1. Nice pictures and excellent overview on the project, thanks Noor for posting and keeping us informed!

  2. Congratulations to all as the dream comes true…..! Thanks to our Government and our Chinese Government/time tested friends for this great success……Mehmood

  3. Few years later FWO and NHA will put a sign that they are “they builders of the said Tunnel”, like they have written at KKH, at several places.

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