Snow in Skardu – Pictorial

Skardu, a historical town located in the Baltistan Division, has been receiving snow since the the start of the winter. The snow adds manifolds to the beauty of Skardu and the surrounding areas, creating eye-catching sights. However, these views remain mostly hidden to the outer world because of absence of winter tourism in the region. Photographs shared by Raza Qaseer

DSC_3211 (Large)

DSC_3257 (Large)

DSC_3262 (Large)

IMG_3360 (Large)

IMG_3361 (Large)

IMG_3364 (Large)

IMG_3365 (Large)

IMG_3366 (Large)

IMG_3367 (Large)

IMG_3368 (Large)

IMG_3369 (Large)

IMG_3431 (Large)

IMG_3433 (Large)

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