Two missing youth found slaughtered

Wasif Jamal

DROSH: The bodies of two young men were recovered from a river in the Kawti village of Damial on Thursday. Shafiur Rehaman, son of Hakim Jan, 25, and Shah Faisal, son of Gul Zaman, 19, were missiing for 4-5 days. Their families had reported their disappearance to the local police.

On Thursday, their dead bodies were recovered from the riverside in the village of Kawti. The bodies showed the victims had been slaughtered and then dumped into the river. The bodies were brought to the THQ hospital in Drosh for medico-legal procedure by the police.

On the complaint of their relatives, the police have arrested at least three persons in the double murder case. A source in the police said the two youths were killed over a property dispute. Via Chitral Today

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