Project launched to preserve Kalash language and culture

Kalasha valley: The “Kalash Language and Culture Preservation Project” was launched today during a ceremony held at Kalasha Dur (Kalasha Culture Center), Mumuret. The project has been funded by National Rural Support Programme, under Small Grants and Ambassador Fund Program of USAID in partnership with implementing partner Ayun and Valleys Development Programme.

Mr. Wazir Zada, Manager of AVDP, a local support organization, briefed the participants about the role of AVDP and projects done so far in Union Council Ayun. He also spoke about the importance of language and culture preservation. “It is high time we work for the preservation of Kalasha language and culture, and it’s an opportunity now we could mobilize financial resources to document oral tradition’’ he added, thanking NRSP and USAID for approving the important project for the Kalasha peoples.

Mr. Luke Rehmat, a local activist, in his presentation, highlighted budget heads, explaining where and how the budget will be utilized. He also spoke about the role of community linguist and Kalasha peoples, he said that ‘’ it needs to take ownership by the community members to best utilizes the resources to work for the preservation of intangible cultural heritage of the community’.’


Rehmat requested chief guest Mr. Akram assistant commissioner Chitral to work for inclusion of Kalasha language in the region’s school curriculum in order to strengthening of the preservation efforts.

Assistant Commissioner Chitral Mr. Akram highlighted values and importance of Kalasha culture who are living in three v-shaped valleys of Chitral. He asked Kalasha community to submit memorandum of understand by the end of project and assured the community that he will work to include Kalasha language in curriculum at government schools in Kalasha valleys.

A large number of people from three valleys were present on the occasion. A number of people shared their view including country director Islamic Relief, Mr.Saifullah Jan Chairman AVDP, Mr. Sher Zareen field operation NRSP, Mr. Mir Bacha, Ms. Sichen Gul, minority councillor from Rukmu valley Jam Shahi, Mr. Yasir Ali, Sher Mohd and Sher Mast were also spoke on the day launching ceremony.

Later the participants enjoyed musical event, a number guest were seen on occasion and enjoyed the musical event held in Kalasha Dur.

Kalasha community also praises effort of NRSP, USAID and AVDP for the preservation of their cultural heritage.

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