Photographs of the Chitral avalanche that buried 9 people

Photographs of the area in Karimabad Valley hit by a massive avalanche on Saturday evening. Nine people were buried by the mega avalanche. Only two bodies have been recovered so far. One student, out of the group, fortunately survived.

Search and rescue operations are underway since Saturday, without any significant success in locating the buried individuals.

The magnitude of the avalanche can be understood by looking at the area covered by the debris. The group of people, including eight students, was passing through this area when the avalanche came down. Photo: Chitral News
Search and rescue operations are underway, but the scale of work is massive and the people are without heavy machinery. Three days have passed since the mega avalanche wreaked havoc in the remote Karimabad Valley of Chitral’s Loktok Tehsil. Photo: Chitral News
A snow avalanche is usually preceded by a forceful blast of air, which at times is so powerful that it can blow away anything and everything in its path. Photo: Chitral Today

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