Latest photographs of Shimshal Road

Latest photographs of the badly blocked road to the picturesque Shimshal Valley of Tehsil Gojal, District Hunza, reflect the hardships and sufferings of the people.

Shimshal is a remote valley located in the extreme North of Hunza district, bordering with China and parts of the Baltistan Division. It is home to around 300 families. Renowned Pakistani mountaineer Rajab Shah, Meherban Shah, Rehmatullah Baig and Samina Baig are born in Shimshal.

Shimshal Valley has suffered badly due to the blockade of roads, as well due to avalanches that hit human settlements in the valley. The locals have urged the authorities to address the difficulties of the residents of the valley by opening the roads and taking measures to compensate the directly affected families.

Photographs by Bakht Ullah

Shimshal Road (2)
Women and children, among others, can be seen walking through a huge blockade on the Shimshal Road which has been inundated by the torrential rainfall. Photo: Bakht Ullah
Shimshal Road (1)
Another portion of the jeep-able Shimshal road. People risk their lives and limbs walking through such vulnerable portions along the road. People travel to reach markets, hospitals, banks, educational institutions and other public facilities. The tourism season has started and the locals are demanding immediate reopening of the road. So far not much has been done by the government or the administration to clear the road to Shimshal valley for vehicular traffic. Photo: Bakht Ullah

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