Death News in rush and hurry! Publicity or Unprofessionalism?

Roshan Bano 

Media! Why do you show so much hurry, haste and urgency in reporting a death?

Why is it so urgent to immediately and instantly report every single death caused by an accident, murder, suicide, attack or some mysterious circumstances?

Before reporting and circulating death news; Have you ever imagined the shock, the pain, the agony, anxiety caused by abrupt news of sudden death of a close, near and dear one?

You are well aware that! With advanced gadgets (smart phones etc.) and wireless internet services  people in  the remotest corner on the surface of earth have  access to every bit of information  for 24/7.

There is no need to make special efforts, spare time to know about anything latest. With increasing sophistication and automation in technology there is no need of special efforts, spare time to know about anything latest. All you need is a smart phone, internet service and minimum level of literacy.  You don’t have to interrupt any activity to check if you have received something new instead you get alerts for everything. Its unto user to ignore the alert or check out and read, listen, watch, share , comment etc.

God forbid- someone happen to read about death of his family member-immediate to extended-father, mother, sister, brother, son, daughter ,grandfather, grandmother , uncle, aunty, cousin etc. .

Have you ever bother to think about the consequences of the sudden announcement of death of a dear and near one?

In extreme cases the consequence of “sudden announcement of death of someone close” takes one more life! It is not exaggeration. There are so many such cases. It happened and it happens!

Wait for few days, at least for initial few days so that the family members of the deceased could be informed in a less painful way.

Wait for just for initial few day then report, circulate as much as u wish to.

Yes once family is informed of the situation, do report, debate, discuss about investigation, its findings, etc.

If Media is doing all this for Publicity then shame on you and if it’s because of Unprofessionalism then please grow up!

For God’s sake show some moral responsibility, social responsibility, professionalism, and work ethics!

Think of this!

A person is on hospital bed in critical condition and comes across such a sad news! What would happen to that person?

A person is going through a tensed and depressed and comes across such a sad news! What would happen to that person?

Your dear one (a family member, a relative, a friend etch) is far away from you- for years and you come across his/her death news, what would happen to you?

You have not seen your close one for years and you read, watch, listen his/her death news on webpage, Facebook page etc., what would happen to you?

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