Sat. Jan 28th, 2023

Allegations of Selling Vote: MLA Kacho Imtiaz Haider tenders his resignation

Islamabad: MLA Kacho Imtiaz Haider, from Halqa – II Skardu, tendered his resignation to Majlis Wehdatul Muslimeen leaders on Friday after a meeting here in Islamabad.

in a written statement, the MLA, who has been severely criticized after voting for a candidate not supported by his party, has said that he has resigned without any duress or pressure, and that he will accept any decision made about his future by a committee within the party.

Earlier, MWM’s regional leaders has publicly blasted Kacho Haider, calling him a ‘seller of conscience’ and a ‘traitor’, and promising to de-seat him from the assembly. He was accused of taking huge sums of money from Saeed Afzal, a GB Council candidate, who has joined the ruling PMLN party after winning the election with the help of Kacho Imtiaz Haider, BNF’s Nawaz Naji and PTI’s Jahanzeb.

MWM had issued a show-cause notice to Haider, calling him to Islamabad to explain his position.

On his part, Kacho believes that since there was no candidate from within the party, he had the right to vote for the candidate of his choice. He has also said that Saeed Afzal will spend a percentage of his funds in his constituency in return for the vote. Similar promises have also been made, apparently, to the nationalist leader Nawaz Naji.

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