Mohenjo Daro- a treasure yet to be sought

Misbah Jamal

The saying goes “Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder” and this saying takes us way beyond our imagination. With hundreds of famous, natural tourist attractions in Pakistan, the first place every tourist thinks of is “northern areas” and the “snowcapped peaks” to the valleys. Beyond that, one still has to go and find what other beautiful places exist that we have to seek. Why not start focusing what is hidden in the southern part of Pakistan such as lower Punjab and Sindh. There are a lot of hidden treasures that have yet to be sought, yet to be appreciated and yet to be acknowledged.

One such example is of the Lost City- famous as Mohenjo Daro, one that mysteriously disappeared. Unknown till 1921, during the excavations to see what would be the part of Pakistan, Mohenjo Daro was discovered.

Today, with the help of archeologists, this city is being further discovered and can become one of the major tourist attractions. With the historical heritage and every corner of the city telling its own story, this city has managed to capture the attention of not only the local tourists, but the archeologists from all over the world.

What makes this city even more interesting is that fact that it is older than what the history claims it to be.

Jovago Pakistan presents you with the first ever opportunity to experience and explore the Lost City, with the best of accommodations and services to make this a worthwhile trip for you. Give the City an opportunity to captivate you and to make you see beyond those green mountains and snow caped peaks, to what has been swallowed by the land that is slowly being discovered, best sewage system to the beautiful artifacts. Join Jovago and experience Mohenjo Daro!

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