Fri. Mar 31st, 2023

The Sermon of Ecstasy


Existence of integrated characters was never agonized by nature, but the existence of individuality framed the quivering situation. Debate of integrated characters is ambiguous and related to undefined human essence of life.  Egocentric approaches are easily penetrable ways of abolishing the true nature. Even though, this discussion could be supported by multiple characters of human instincts, but only euphoric nature would be discovering theme.

Talking of an infant, human only yearns for learning and knowing. The significance of happiness can only be sensed when grief carves the mount of gladness and the similar drama goes directly in contrasting way. The prominence of sorrow is much greater than ecstasy due to venomous nature. In reality, challenging task defines the actual worth of presence of naturally integrated instincts and particularly the instinct of ecstasy. Various aspects guide the embryonic stages of human nature. These aspects are settled situations.  Hence, these settled imaginations directly influence the true perceptual standing of human being. Defining ecstasy in a particularly way would endanger the true standing and purpose of ecstasy. In fact, the influencing factors are debatable as well as variable according to humanly created situations.

Real findings may be at variance and challenging. Likewise, the state of euphoria is conditional to frame of mind. The beginning and foundation of ecstasy is purely based on internal beauty of mankind and to achieve inner beauty one has to fall in love. Hafiz Shirazi expresses the supremacy of love, through which man can rise and imbibe the beauty of divine life. He further inspires mankind to celebrate even most ordinary experience of existence as gift from divinity. These inspiring matters offer us liberation from the dark. As a result of such curiosities, the secured ways towards awakening would lead the miserable ones to the sermon of ecstasy. That would be the place where souls shatter pride and heed secrets.

The contributor is a student at GCU, Lahore.

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