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Young activists to launch weeklong anti-suicide awareness drive in Gojal Valley

Karachi: (PR) A group of young activisits belonging to different parts of Hunza plan to launch a weeklong anti-suicide awareness and advocacy campaign in the Gojal Valley, Upper Hunza. “The No To Suicide campaign aims to prevent youth and other people in Gilgit-Baltistan, and also Pakistan, from taking their own lives,” said Zar Nigar Tojik, a social activist said in a press release. “We, as a group of responsible citizens and social change agents, are initiating “NO TO SUICIDE, LOVE LIFE” movement, after Eid-ul-Adha, in the villages and connecting areas of Hunza”, she added.

A number of sessions will be held to highlight the importance of life and inculcate positive thinking in the youth, who are stressed due to personal, familial, social and economic issues, the PR further read.

The No to Suicide (NTS) movement, in collaboration with Student Association of Moorkhun-SAM and federating units of GISAK and Jamati Institutions in Gojal, will organize “NTS-Youth Sessions on Suicide Prevention Across Gojal”, from 13th – 19th July 2016 in Gojal(Upper Hunza).

The organizers hope to engage almost 650 young people from Gojal during the seven-day long event. The event will aim to, i) Engage the youth of Gojal in a dialogue with young leaders to discuss their challenges and opportunities and advocate for their meaningful role in decision-making processes, ii) Suicide prevention amongst youth of GB, celebrate the achievements of the youth.

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