Gilgit-Baltistan hit by fuel shortage yet again

Hunza/Gilgit: Long lines of motorcyclists and car owners can be seen outside petrol stations in different parts of the Giglit-Batlistan region. Fuel has become short in supply due to the increasing number of tourists coming to the region on their own vehicles. The local and the tourists, both, are feeling the pinch. There was a sharp rise in the flow of tourists during the long Eid holidays which resulted in exhaustion of the fuel supplies, creating a shortage that has yet to be overcome.

During the last six months, this is the second time that people in the region are finding it difficult to purchase petrol, diesel and other petroleum products. A couple of months back the supplies had been run out due to prolonged closure of the Karakoram after incessant rainfall.

There are reports that owners of some petrol pumps are also indulging in hording and artificially raising prices of the products.

Photos: Ijlal Hussain and Nazakat Ali

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