Tug of War: PPP also submits requisition for change of opposition leader in GBLA

GILGIT: Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) legislator Javed Husain has submitted a requisition to the Gilgit Baltistan Legislative Assembly speaker on Thursday to notify him as opposition leader of the house. The requisition, in support of Javed Hussain, has the signatures of six members including Javed Hussain, Kacho Imtiaz Haider, Haji Rizwan Ali, Imran Nadeem, Raja Jahanzeb and Nawaz Khan Naji.

Islami Tahreek Pakistan and Majlis Wahdat-e-Muslimeen had also submitted a requisition, signed by seven members, in support of Capt (rtd.) Mohammad Shafi of Islami Tehreek Pakistan as opposition leader. The members who had signed the requisition include Capt (rtd.) Skandar Ali, Haji Rizwan Ali, Bibi Haleema, Rehana Ibadi, Kacho Imtiaz Haider and Nawaz Khan Naji.

Interestingly, three legislators Haji Rizwan Ali, Kacho Imtiaz and Nawaz Khan Naji have signed for both the contenders of opposition leader.
As per procedure, Speaker Fida Muhammad Nashad will verify the signatures of the legislators before notifying the name of opposition leader.

Meanwhile, the incumbent opposition leader Haji Shah Baig from JUI (F) has submitted a writ petition in Gilgti Baltistan Supreme Appellate Court requesting to nullify the rule of procedure approved by GBLA on October 12. Appellate court has not yet decided on the maintainability of this petition.

It is also interesting to note that Haji Shah Baig of JUI (F) had become the leader of opposition in GBLA in a lucky draw in which opposition members of PPP, PTI, MWM and JUI had trier their lucks. Through the lucky draw, these 4 political parties had excluded the single largest opposition party Islami Tehreek Pakistan from the process.

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