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“Kaira can’t remove me”, Chief executive of NALA, Ghazanfar Ali Khan

by Noor

Karachi, July 26: In a rare act of defiance Ghazanfar Ali Khan, the chief executive of NALA, has challenged the KANA minister’s authority to make him ineffective or remove him from the office. According to a daily Urdu regional newspaper Ghazanfar has said that Kaira, the Chairman of NALA, has no legal authority to remove him from the office. He said that he has been elected by

Ghazanfar Ali Khan (PT File photo)
Ghazanfar Ali Khan (PT File photo)

the assembly and only the assembly can remove him.

Commenting on the removal of advisers Ghazanfar has said that the advisers had been appointed by Kaira and he has the authority to remove them. He has also told the press that the KANA division has asked him to continue his work as chief . He also,  reportedly, has hinted that new advisers might be appointed, till 22 November, when the tenure of NALA expires.

Meanwhile, ousted speaker of the NALA and some advisers have blamed KANA for ‘sabotaging the budget process’ in Gilgit – Baltistan by dismissing advisers before the assembly tenure expired. Mirza Hussain, reportedly, has also accused Kaira of paving way for corruption by removing the advisers, who, he said, were hindering corrupt intentions of the administrtation and the chief executive.

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  1. What a shame. Where did Marvi Memon go now? All our NALA advisors were running to her for their problems. It serves them right. Secondly, as this article reports, in a rare act of defiance, the Chief Executive has questioned the decision passed by the Minister. This should be a lesson for future leaders as well. Leaders from our area should be taken seriously and not at the mercy of KANA division. The office of Chief Executive is a democratically elected position and no Gujr minister can cancel that position.

  2. a valuable statement against the invaders………. well chief excutive….. well said.

  3. At one place, Mr. Ghazanfar Ali Khan, according to this report, challenges Kaira regarding his authority. To what extent it is valid, legal experts should talk about this remote controlled NALA (nala u faryad). He says that this latent assembly members have chosen his as the chief and not Kaira. Okay, this seems logical; but what is the role and responsibility of the so-called Chairman regarding the checks and balances (though, in the constitution of Pakistan, I don’t think so there is any room for the Northern Areas).

    Conversely, in at another place, he then accepts the directives of KANA by syaing that KANA divsion has asked him to resume his office as the CE.

    Regarding the advisers appointment, Mr. Ghazanfar endorses the power of the Chairman that Kaira has appointed the advisors and Kaira has the authority to remove them.

    It is a pity indeed that the guy is contradicting his own statements; and the statements strike toegether like hte broken glasses.

    When there is Mr Ghazanfar’s removal quesiton, Kaira has no authority and even challenges him; but when there is the issue of advisers removal, Kaira has the authority. This indicates a vested interest for the power. On the one hand, if he’s proud of and depends on the so-called NALA, then Mr. Ghazanfar needs to learn that he should represent a cumulative voice, coming out the vested interests for power and the like. The advisers seems crying for their powers, on the other hand. For God, you the so-called poltical guys! Come together from your vested interests and personal power-gain politics; rather work together for your regional political power-gains and strengthen your voices and actions. It is a pity to complain about the corruption of the local administration? What for are you so-called poltical reps? Why don’t you catch the corrupts, if you yourselves are clean? If you have the power of legislations, why don’t you come up with that? If there already exist corruption laws in your regional context, why don’t you implement and monitor it? If someones does corruption, why are they not taken to the courts? If the courts are not effective or otherwise, why stratgies and policies are not framed or reframed? Please come out of the blame games and unite together, guys. and stand against the injustice of more than six decades. We have become fed up of your childish acts and power-greeds.

  4. It,s not a matter that Ghazanfer + his team has been kicked off from their offices, rather it,s a matter of fact which is a dilemma of GB, that “the so-called assembly plus its constitutional jurisdictions” has no value that can be kicked by a federal minister.

  5. Politicians are like diapers. They both need changing regularly and for the same reason…………..same…………..4……….mr.

  6. It would be a futile exercise to discuss or argue that who can do what; right or wrong; the bottom line is that a decision has been made and action taken by people having powers in the political system. There may be many real victims, but one has to see and agree that the victims of today were heroes of yesterday taking all sorts of decisions and actions. Can anybody say for sure that all decisions and actions of the victims of today were fair and free from errors; simply, cannot be the case. Such statements are made only for public consumption trying to show their political existence and relevance.

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