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Little Abused Souls: The Truth on Child-Abuse

Hafiz Bilal

Innocent feelings, peaceful appearances, precious smile, soft & small hands are the ornaments of children. Regardless of what matter, a child’s simplicity is one priceless thing which should be protected. But, if we analyze the current circumstances, children are broke into pieces that can never be stitched because of an occurring social issue observed in our motherland, i.e. CHILD-ABUSE. Sweet bodies, exploited brain, broken bones, ceaseless torture and immeasurable contusion – are all outcomes of a child-abuse. According to Herbert Ward, “Child-Abuse casts a shadow the length of a lifetime.” Visualize your own offspring falling into this “untouchable perceived bracket.” Can you sense their discomfort? I certainly believe it’s easy to say YES, but it’s insufferable to be one of them. 

On 29 July 2016, session’s court ordered life sentence to a 25 year old man condemned of raping a sixth-grade child in Islamabad’s Sihala neighborhood. Express News reports a recent assault in Sargodha where some teachers sexually abused students during summer vacation classes. In addition to this, there are long list of instances reported by numerous newspapers stating the incurable stories of child-abuse. Nevertheless, the ratio of such happenings not seems to be reduced.

Primarily, Child-Abuse is not only limited to physical abuse but it also refers and includes emotionally, mentally and spiritually disturbance to a child. All these may leave a long-lasting effect on a child’s later life, making them sense valueless or destructive. Child-Abuse definitely causes problems for children in evolving future associations or regulating feelings, in a nut-shell utterly dismantling children’s life stability. Children are the foundation of a nation. Unfortunately, what substance we are using to nourish our nation? Purely, destroying the foundation!

We as a society usually neglect these victims of child-abuse; even among their own age brackets they never feel happy and comfortable, never relax in peace they were born with and eventually never get back to a normal life like other children around them.  Just for some pleasing interest, just for a black-hearted mind’s satisfaction, we habitually act nothing but only make these young flowers target.  Because of increasing ratio in these incidents, no place in our motherland seem like to be secure for our children, whether it’s a school van, a shopping mall, a picnic point or even in our own homes (of acts caused by guards and maids). The uncertainty among guardians and parents seems like to be at its peak now and resulting in no trust element between the citizens.

As the percentage of child-abuse incidents is not reducing, therefore it’s understandable that no definite action is being taken to make these cases stop.  Illiteracy rate is one of the main causes of child-abuse and most importantly the law and order situation of our motherland. Because of the element that Pakistan’s most population is illiterate, society don’t seem to realize social and ethical values. Even no-one think about the difference between right and wrong and never think about the magnitudes of their activities in their minds. It’s really important now that teachers and parents start working and giving sex education particularly in schools as well as at homes.  Most importantly, in rural areas where mostly victim don’t realize what actually happened with them. “Sometimes if the child is too young, they cannot even really understand what has happened.” said by Dr.Raana Malik of Punjab University. In most cases it shapes from the form of touching instead of raping. Therefore, this is the right time that we as a “Society” begin accepting the reality that sex education is a necessity for our children. Parents also should start developing their positive approach towards this, as it’s for the sake of their own children’s bright future. Educational institutes should familiarize a course at primary level could be named as “Social Hygiene” where students should be understood and taught the distinction between good and evil and what should be their reaction and action if they come across any such badly-behaved  situation. Moreover, the communication and behavior system of parents & guardians with their children should be trust-worthy and comfortable; children shouldn’t feel any barriers while discussing this issue with their parents, if this kind of incident is happening with them.  Furthermore, there is no severe sentence for doing out child-abuse and eventually the law seems to be so incapacitated in our motherland that if someone get caught doing this, they get released within a short time of interval and ultimately taking advantage of a child becomes a five-finger exercise for them.

It’s hard but not impossible to eradicate child-abuse from the world. Especially in emerging economies like Pakistan it’s increasing day-by-day. Eventually it can only be exterminate if we all take a step forward in order to increase social awareness, by spreading quality education and by developing organizations and institutes that assist these soft & beautiful flowers to enrich and grow in a safe environment.

Victimized children have also rights to grow with full dignity and honor, and we should not discriminate and accept these children with our heart and make them realize that they are still beautiful and can do wonders in life, just like the other children of their age.

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  1. Person who involved should be publicly hanged,we should educate our Childeren towards touching and abusing and how they react in this situation.

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