Pictorial – A day in a pasture, up in the mountains

William Blake once wrote,

How sweet is the shepherd’s sweet lot!
From the morn to the evening he strays;
He shall follow his sheep all the day,
And his tongue shall be filled with praise.

For he hears the lambs’ innocent call,
And he hears the ewes’ tender reply;
He is watchful while they are in peace,
For they know when their shepherd is nigh.

Have you been to a pasture? Do you know how shepherds in the mountains live?

Check these photographs of a journey to the Ṣ̌əmižrav pasture located in Gojal Valley, Hunza. Photographs by Rehmat Jabbar


Pasture  (23)
The uphill journey
The journey continues
The journey continues
It's not that easy ....
It’s not that easy ….
More paths to travel
More paths to travel
Pasture  (17)
Clouds come down covering the amazing shapes
Pasture  (16)
Huge rocks ‘hanging by a tether’!!
Pasture  (25)
The grandeur and the beauty
Pasture  (24)
The shepherds’ hut
Pasture  (21)
So many colours together
Pasture  (19)
The grazing slopes for the sheep, goats and yaks
Pasture  (13)
Camping out ….
Pasture  (10)
View from inside the shepherd’s hut
Pasture  (8)
Le there be light ….
Pasture  (15)
wooden planks erected in the cattle shed. It is covered with tarpaulin during rains
Pasture  (7)
Ba Ba Whit Sheep ….
Pasture  (5)
Discipline ….
Pasture  (3)
An open-air cattle pen

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