Give peace a chance

Sajeel Ibrahim Ashumat

A non-sporadic bombardment of gruesome incidents and news of blood shed all over the media has become a usual thing to deal with for every individual living on this planet.We are still confused in figuring that we are whether resilient or have gone emotion less in dealing with all these belligerence on daily basis.No justifiable answer yet from any source has been able to distinguish our stance in this matter.
Meanwhile dealing with all these rigorous psychological tortures,another source of warfare has just been introduced,which further intensifies the situation and the mental peace, by our young indefatigable generation of social media,where one can see them fighting like untamed animals on the basis of Regional, Religious,Political and a hundreds and thousands of other issues.At the end of the day showing one’s own knowledge as more unassailable as possible then others is the basic cause of this warfare, euphemistically known as Dissent. For every first or second order change in the history,having dissent among subject is the basic need to make that change happened in the first place.
For instance,when Europe was in deep trouble in dark ages,created by both clergy and the monarchs, people after suffering repression from the ruling elites had started discussing the solutions of the problems viz-a-viz sitting in the coffee shops,bars and in the clubs.They learned to translate Bible from which they have been curbed for centuries,they started engaging themselves in more and more practical steps to change the system of anarchy,paying no heed to the stern rule of laws and the executions from the Authorities. The answer of searching for a possible solution in bringing home the change, lies in the fact that everyone must and should have a difference of opinion, but how to foster them in a right way has not yet been addressed. People of Europe sagaciously turned their Dark ages in to a series of successful revolutions by concentrating solely on finding out the remedies of the existing problems,so did they accomplish their mission having achieved the enlightenment phase in the 12th century.Dissent was there too but not the way it prevails in the 21st century modern, adamant and egoist pack of young erudite (sarcasm).
Now, referring back to the first paragraph, in the age of turmoil and agony let’s not disseminate hatred,let’s not foster rifts,let’s not fill the void with vengeance and grudge by merely fighting on the social media. Let’s make the knowledge prevail in a positive way, let’s inform each other with positive connotations, let’s be happy, and let us all sign together, as Lennon sang. 
“All we are saying is give piece a chance”.

The contributor is a student at the Institute of Administrative Sciences, Punjab University, Lahore. 

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