Ismailis in Gilgit-Baltistan celebrate the 80th birthday of Prince Karim Aga Khan

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Gilgit: Ismaili Muslims across Giglit-Baltistan are celebrating the 80th birthday of their spiritual leader, Prince Karim Aga Khan. The day is marked by festivity and celebrations, as the community members thank their Imam for his continued guidance and support in religious and earthly matters.

The day started with morning prayers in which the community members prayed for the good health and long life of their Imam, and thanked him for his visionary leadership spanning over six decades. Prayers were also offered for the solidarity and prosperity of Pakistan, and wellbeing of the Islamic Ummah.

Birthday cakes were cut in Jamatkahnas, and community feasts were held across the valleys in Ghizer, Gilgit and Hunza, where Ismailis live in large numbers. Ismailis in the neighboring Chitral district are also celebrating the day with religious zeal and enthusiasm.

The present Aga Khan, Shah Karim Al – Hussaini, was born on the 13th of December 1937 in Geneva Paris. He became the Imam of the Ismaili sect in 1957, after the death of his grandfather, Sir Sultan Muhammad Shah. 2017 is the Diamond Jubilee year of his Imamat, marking completion of 60 years of unparalleled leadership which has helped transform the lives of millions of Ismailis, and other communities, across the world.

Leaders of various political parties, and government functionaries, in Gilgit-Baltistan have congratulated His Highness the Aga Khan on his 80th birthday, and also shared good wishes with the Ismailis living in the region.

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