PK661 Crash: Speedy processing of DNA samples, arrangement for transportation of bodies demanded

Islamabad: A candlelight vigil and a day long recitation of Holy Quran gathering was organized by civil society activists here on Sunday to express solidarity and pray for departed souls of  tragic plane crash PK661 which claimed 47 lives.

The event was held in the courtyard at Pakistan Institute of Medical Sciences (PIMS), Islamabad.

Family members of the victims and scores of civil society activists including prominent community members, religious leaders and representatives of political parties attended the event.

The participants who were carrying pictures of departed souls and placards inscribed with Quranic verses “We surely belong to Allah and to Him we shall return”, recited Holy Quran, offered Fateha (prayers) and then participated in the candlelight vigil.

After one minute silence and collective prayers for the departed souls, civil society activist and family members of the plane crash victims addressed the gathering.

While speaking on the occasions the relatives of the departed souls expressed their gratitude to the participants of the event for their steadfast support and solidarity. They also put forth a charter of demand on behalf of plane crash victim families hailing from District Chitral.

“We [Family Members of Victims] have unanimously agreed upon three major demands” said Mr. Shadman.

“We are expecting Government authorities to co-operate and facilitate us in every way to lessen the burden of our grief and woe”, added Mr. Shah Fahad

The three main demands of the family members and relatives of the victims are;

  • The relevant government authorities should ensure the speedy delivery of DNA test results and dead bodies to their respective heirs.
  • As winter season is at its peak in Chitral, government should therefore make proper arrangements to send the dead bodies to their respective areas by air or via ambulance through Lowari tunnel.
  • Free and fair inquiry to into the incident should be initiated to unearth the reasons which resulted in the tragic incident.

Mr. Gul Nawaz, relative of a plane crash victim, also spoke on the occasion. According to Mr Gul, the inquiry should be concluded as soon as possible as it is vital that the actual facts should be brought out and shared with the masses of the country.

“Although the Prime Minster has ordered a detailed, independent and transparent inquiry into the unfortunate PK 661 plane but I am not very optimistic about the transparency and authenticity of the findings”, said Mr. Gul Nawaz

On Wedbesday  07 December 2017, 47 people lost their live when Pakistan Airline (PIA) flight PK 661 crashed near Havalian. The flight was on the way to Islamabad from Chitral.

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