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Young and seasoned poets inspire Bazm-e-Adab audience at AKHSS Gilgit

Gilgit: The Aga Khan Higher Secondary School, Gilgit organized a “Bazm-e-Adab”, or an assembly of literature, on December 21, 2016. The Bazm had three segments; Educational Talk, Poetry recitation, and Music. The Bazm-e-Adab was celebrated in the school after many years.

The Program started with old sufiana kalam with heart touching voice of Arif Ali. Guests were welcomed by Urdu teacher Sher Ahmed Jan. In the first segment two talks were delivered. Talks were delivered by Ghufran Bilal student of 11th grade and Aziz Ali Dad.

Urdu and English Poetry were included in the second segment. English poems were read by the students – Amjad Ali and Faisal. Shoaib Sultan presented his poems in a melodious tone. After this, Urdu Mushaira started, students; Ibrar Ali, Khursheed Ali, Mushahid Husssain, Shan Muhammad, Amjad Ali presented their beautiful poetries. Thereafter, Memona Abbass, Ghulam Abbass Naseem and Jamsheed Dukhi recited their poetry. Jamsheed Dukhi was the Sadar-e-Mehfil of the Urdu Mushaira.

Third Segment of the program was leaded by the president of the Music Club Ahsan Ullah and members worked very hard to prepare a mashup of the local songs. Abdul Manan and Ajmal Yaqoob with their flutes gave a stunning background music. The vocalists included; Syed Shujaat Ali, Shah Hussain, Sheraz Tariq, Ashad Karim, Asif Khan. A student Junaid Alam who writes his own lyrics and composes his own music performed in the program. Junaid has made a few video songs we hope this young talent from our region will one day shine on the international arena.

The guest speakers were some of the best thinkers of the mountainous region.

Aziz Ali Dad, a renowned columnist and development professional, talked to the students about social sciences, particularly philosophy. He said that social sciences are vital for development of the society, along with natural sciences. He urged the students to develop critical skills, and try to understand the society in an objective manner.

Members of Gilgit city’s literati present at the occasion included renowned poet Jamshed Khan Duhki, who, through his poetry, has been raising critical political and social questions, speaking to the power in a creative and nuanced way. He urged the youth to shun sectarianism and embrace each other with open arms, to be able to work collectively for the region, and the country.

Ghulam Abbass Naseem, professionally a teacher, and for long affiliated with the poetic circle of the region, recited humorous poems, making the audience to ponder on social issues from a different angle. His light-seeming poetry was full of deep insights and advises for all segments of the society.

Mamona Abbass, also known to be among the first poetesses of the region, read her Urdu poetry in public for the very first time. Her deep and creative reflections on life, self, society and the broader cosmos touched the hearts and minds of the audience, who responded by applauding her for breaking stereotypes and making herself heard in a powerful and creative manner. She is a teacher, a thinker, an activist and versatile writer of prose and poetry.

Shoaib Sultan Khan, an alumni of AKHSS-Gilgit, currently studying at the KIU, is considered to be an emerging young poet of the region. He writes in English, which is not very common in the literary circles of the Gilgit-Baltistan region. He has created an impact on the society and inspired a lot of young and struggling writers to continue writing poems in Englihs.

Representatives from the AKES, P also participated in the program and appreciated the initiative of the school for arranging the event.

The program was successfully managed by the representatives of the Students Council and the members of different clubs and societies. All the members of their respective clubs and societies performed their tasks with a great enthusiasm. Media Club worked hard to digitally document the event, while the Arts Society decorated the stage and displayed paintings made by the student as part of the UNO’s 70th founding anniversary.

Towards the end, the Vice Principal thanked all the guest, news reporters, participants, teachers, management and he especially thanked President of the Student Council and his team for their remarkable efforts to make the event successful. 

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