Wretched of the plane

Mudabbir Akhund

He looked tormented and lost but I failed to recognize the reasons for it because everything apparently looked so perfect in his life; his thesis was completed, got remarkable GPA and he had completed his internship as well. One day he told me the reason for this “Trans” situation in his life in which he becomes listless fighting the unbridle thoughts. With whispering voice he said, “These poor young children, collecting food from the dirt come in front of my eyes when I go back to hostel. The bleak face of the old lady, who begs money in the street, stands beside me crying, when I go back to hostel…” what else could be a good example of humanity than this one, In my heart I repeatedly said to myself.
Discussing the possibilities of mental peace through making an escape from the chains originating from the miseries and sufferings of people, he decided himself that he would go to Gilgit and will spend some time with family. He left Lahore.
After two days on facebook I saw my friend Irfan smiling, holding two cute babies. A wave of joy hit my face and soon I connected myself with his happiness. Nobody knew his happiness is of short living and the most unexpected thing is about to happen in his life.

The bright sun of 11 December, 2016 dispersed blinding darkness all around, with the news of PK-661 plane crash killing
47 people on board. Somewhere in the stretched darkness irfan lost his lukewarm smile. His elder brother, Nisar ud Din was one of the departed souls. He was a self-made person in a true sense. Struggling against all social and financial impediments he gained a respectable position and became a beacon for his family. He was working as a Regional Compliance Officer at Bank Al-Falah. He was father of two sons; one is of 2 years and 4 months age, while the younger one is only of 8 months. I cannot bear the pain of thinking how it feels to lose bread earner of a working class. Therefore, leaving this part by calling it incomprehensible and unimaginable.

The incident did not only took life of 47 people, but It made some children orphans, it caused someone to live the remaining life as a widow, it snatched young hopes from some old father and it made people to witness how cruel time could be. Dig into the debris of plane crash you will find Uraib ud din and Haziq ud din waiting eyes, looking for their father to come and hug them. Try a little more in digging with the wreckage of the plane, you will find the regret Irfan had for not being able to show his final GPA to his elder brother, who financed him till his graduation.

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