Sat. Jul 2nd, 2022

Locals capture Snow Leopard in Misgar Valley

Gojal: Locals in the remote Misgar Valley of Tehsil Gojal, District Hunza, last night caught a snow leopard while it was attacking livestock. The snow leopard had been tormenting the villagers for long, attacking and killing their sheep and goats for almost a month. The locals made some preparations and captured in the mountain beast last night at around 7 pm, according to information shared by the Misgar Wildlife Conservation and Development Organisation.

The locals are highly aware of the extinction threat faced by the snow leopard, and they will not harm the animal, said the Conservation Organisation in a statement.

The community has informed Wildlife Department of Gilgit-Baltistan, Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS) and Snow Leopard Foundation (SLF) about the detention of the mountain beast, which now sits inside a cage. 

10 thoughts on “Locals capture Snow Leopard in Misgar Valley

    1. Dhee ? Where is it ? can you elaborate? Please tell I work for conservation of Snow Leopards,
      Inform us , so that we can look into this.

      1. There is a snow leopard in captivity (horrible condition) in a small town called Dhee in the Gojal valley (Hunza). You cross this place while you are on your way to Khunjerab pass. The cage is next to a check post. Please save it if you can

      2. ‘Dhee’ near Sost Khunjerab Gilgit Baltistan.. Snow Leopard held there is now at Snow Leopard Rehabilitation center Naltar.

  1. People making millions in the name of snow leopard and this poor little chap is fighting its survival life of its own

  2. The responsibility of Snow Leopard conservation orgs is to compensate the poor villagers. Hopefully it will be freed after compensation.

  3. Yesterday The snow leopard has been freed to Khunjerab National Park, and hope the villagers will be compensated from the Wildlife organizations.

    1. The people of hunza ,and the surrounding stats are her responsible citizens. They care and understand the environment and its issues. I am site the animal will be given care and released soon.

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