Reorientation: Steps Towards an Egalitarian and Happy Society

Brig (r) Hisamullah Beg

I have been advocating “political action” through civil society in preference to the divisive system of political parties. It is apparent that this theme is not accepted by vast majorities and questions have been posed as to how progress for the society is possible by deviating from this commonly adopted course. If you go through the happiness index for the countries, you will find Switzerland in the lead. I have posted this article as a good example of “direct democracy” results over the divisive and nonperforming “INDIRECT DEMOCRACY” system that we have inherited.

How Switzerland’s political system works

Switzerland is a direct democracy, where the people can influence the activities of government through initiatives and referendums. The political process is played out at three levels, federal, cantonal and communal.


We have a well-defined social structure in place but not moving forward at a desirable speed – mainly because the three targets defined over a 25-year life span got mixed up through a DONOR DRIVEN IMPETUS and did not get the missionary zeal required for these ambitions of the GUIDE.
Please go through and implement in the working procedures the eight guideline booklets issued by AKDN which are designed to establish a FIELD DRIVEN system aimed towards HELPING PEOPLE HELP THEMSELVES in achieving a BETTER TOMORROW. These are:

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