Thu. Dec 9th, 2021

Be the Love you never received..!

Inayat Ullah Inayat

For what we often presume as love, is not what we say but what we do.

The world is economically, technologically, philosophically, and  socially running on the base of dynamic system where real things are agreements, treaties, social contracts, interests; which are so dominant, and which control the behaviors, emotions, policies, desires and thinking of every individual due to this, mankind has automatically become part of this dynamic system. where your love, feelings, emotions, promises, behavior and nature also become so dynamic and unconditional. so, we have to prepare ourselves according to those conditions and realities.  Those are some facts which we can’t find easily from the society. Because the society or the policy makers have injected very wrong image of love, trust, and mercy  in our minds which devastates the nature, mind, and progress of youth.

If we study the nature of human being, it reflects that man wants to watch misery and pain in imaginary world. That’s why, a writer, a film producer , a poet and media set the  mind of people according to their interests, and takes benefits from the nature of human and shows the conditional love with misery and pain to make his or her writing so impressive. The conditional love gives the concept: if you fall in love with someone, you fell with all you have and with all of your unconditional sacrifices, and then at any cost you have to get that person, and without him you feel that you are nothing but a suffering guy out of 3.5 billion. Your objective of life is that person. Your thinking is dependent on that person. It creates misconception about the role of Hero. Majority of people take a wrong lesson that spending whole life to avail a single person or property is purpose of our life. Who avails all these things, is called hero. While Hero is that one who contributes new ideas, new techniques, and support for the development of nation. Like in many movies, social media and stories this fanatic concept is being delivered to our youth, and which covers the mind of youth making their mental credentials thought constipated. they become so dependent on others and on this concept as well. And for this reason, the youth is ensnared in wrong know how narrow definition of love and poetry. When they fail to avail the person, their failure turns into aggression, agony, apathy and sometimes self-affliction. They become so agitated. Philosophy of love is not so narrow like that. The opposition of love is not hate: it is indifference. Love is blind but it doesn’t mean that it is irrational. With the passage  of time, love for a particular person fades. As the saying goes: Love is the mother of books. its something more than knowledge. it can’t be in one direction. It has different  aspects. love is the answer of every question. it is not the name of confusion, complexity and perplexity rather for what we call love  it is the emotion of relaxation at one end, and selflessness at the other which is a  vast concept and so is dynamic. if people don’t understand this: they’d be involved in the fear of unfaithfulness, because they don’t want to see love as an unconditional thing. But actually the dynamic system of world takes our emotions, behaviors, feelings and love. Then, it puts great effect on the nature of love. Due to this, love doesn’t exist in that shape which different sources have  shown to us. which ,further, results that majority of youth has trapped in the thought of unfaithfulness and also they became victim of loneliness.

Due to this, the youth is facing many difficulties, like it wastes a lot of time and also unable to focus on the main objectives of life; which is very important. They become victim of tension and use drugs for some kind of relaxation. The can’t be able to achieve enlightenment. Which further causes problems to their social life . If they will not come out from old traditional stories, lessons of love and emotions, then the adults always teach the young how they’ve  to live in this world. They apply rather indoctrinate old standards to their children. The younger people and the adult ones often have different points of view: concerning everything so if the younger don’t understand the circumstances of this modern Era and rational theme of love ,emotions, behaviors and desires, then according to the modern concept of nature of society then they will have to face so many conflicts, and one day the relation between adults and youngs would eventually be collapsed. All of these problems push the nation towards poverty and backwardness.

So, we can’t trust anyone blindly. and we don’t have to depend on others or anyone while we have to face any kind of change in life. People  think that It is not possible to live, if they’ll  not get one particular person , to whom they suppose “the meaning of their life”. There are so many ways, so  many doors to eternal happiness, new people, new ideas, new thoughts and to new world; Which  is waiting for you. Just move and feel the nature: it will open the gates for you and your love  and change the way of expectations according to the variations of Environment. it makes the system so dynamic. We have  to break the chain of imprisonment, in which, old traditions, wrong concepts and people have tied us. You don’t need to connect with someone in the unknown notion. You don’t have to be prisoner of little pond  while the  great ocean is waiting for you. Because no one can desire you more than food and drink, which indirectly means that The world is economically, technologically, philosophically, and socially is running on the basis of dynamic system.


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