Why fresh graduates fail to get a job??

By Sikandar Ayub

To get a dream job is the innate right of every citizen. Now a days someone has to live in the sun to get his dream job. Every student feels worry about his or her professional career during his academic career. Responsibilities arises more when someone is eldest in family and his/her family dependent on him. This becomes more complicated if someone belongs to a developing country where everyone rarely cares about merit. In Pakistan, 50,000 Graduates and 10,000 IT officers flock in the market every year but our weak economy has not enough resources to absorb this ratio.

According to the reports published by Pakistan Bureau of Statistics the unemployment rate of Pakistan is 6 percent. It was 6.30 percent last fiscal year but in 2016-2017 it declined by 0.30 percent and currently the unemployment rate is 6.0pc which means that almost 5.3 million (53 lacs) people haven’t jobs. Although previous governments made several policies and strategies to overcome the situation but they were failed to implement them at any level due to their weak political will or interest.

The reason of increasing the number of unemployed graduates is that young graduates only dreamt to get a Job with high wages or any government job with maximum relaxation. Sadly our youth don’t like to invest in market to start a business their own. Passion for a Job and fear of failure in business avoid them to invest in business. Government should take and implement immediate steps to encourage and persuade individuals to invest in business sector so that they must not waste their precious time to get a job. It is noted that creating jobs in not government’s responsibility, What the government is supposed to do is act as an enabler and create a safe environment where private companies, organizations and businesses are able to grow, thus creating jobs. The government is responsible to provide a secure environment where everyone could feel safe to invest his money. Unluckily the war on terror left us in an inadequate situation that badly affected our economic system due to which local and foreign companies scared to invest in our country.

Another hitch of unemployment is our poor and outdated education system. Sadly, our academic institutions produces students in high quantity but not in quality. They have not been able to teach students about the threats that they were going to face in their practical fields. Rote learning, untrained teachers, outdated syllabus, disoriented educational policy, lack of political will and poor planning are the key issues of producing unskilled and competitive students in market. Large number of degree holders with less education and knowledge made the situation worse and this is the reason for hiring of experienced and skilled professionals by private and public companies even for junior posts.

Thus, it is the need of time that our academic institutions should closely guide the students about the challenges that will arouse in their practical life rather than focusing on syllabus and grades.

Our educational system provide a versatile and resourceful environment for students where they could groom up their skills and abilities. It is the sole duty of government to check and monitor the progress and standard of our education system for its development and progress.

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