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Mother: The Benison

By Sabah Zafar

Allah showers His blessings on humans in many ways. Sometimes He fulfill their wishes, and sometimes He blesses them with beautiful relations. But, u know what His uttermost blessing is? It is a Mother; the most important and precious person in our lives.

Almost every woman has to experience motherhood. For a woman, the journey from being a girl to a woman is really a tough one. She has to pass through many complex situations and troubles but once she becomes a mother, her life totally changes. And, she has to make life style modifications, render sacrifices, bear the harshness of life, and people, and she also has to remain a sensitive protector of her child. The natural state of motherhood is unselfishness. When you become a mother, you are no longer the center of your own universe. You relinquish that position to your children. Here I wanna narrate the journey of her motherhood and her importance.

When a woman first gets to know that she is pregnant, and soon she is going to have a baby, her feelings and happiness is beyond description. Only for the sake of her child does she bear a lot of things. She has to sacrifice her likes and dislikes. She swallows the bitterness of medicines, controls her mood swings, and bears the unbearable pain during delivery.

Science tells us that at the time of a natural delivery, the pain felt by a mother is 57 Del (units). A normal human being can only bear pain up to 45 Del. This is similar to 20 bones getting fractured at a time. But it’s not the end. The actual struggle begins when the baby finally comes out. Here’s a list of what a new mother has to sacrifice:

  • Her sleep
  • Her routine
  • Her food
  • Her entertainment
  • Her happiness
  • Her beauty
  • Sometimes, her job
  • Sometimes to do the job which is not for her
  • Her interactions with people, and the list goes on

Giving up on all of these is not easy. Only a mother has the capability to do all these, and yet act normal.

Mother is our first tutor. She’s a great teacher; a teacher of compassion, love and fearlessness. If love is sweet as flower, then mother is a sweet flower of love. Mother is someone who teaches us the difference between what is wrong and what is right. She teaches us good deeds and tries to keep us away from the bad ones. Mother is someone whose love can make us comfortable and from whom we learn the art of love. Mother teaches us the importance of relations.

In short, she tells us how to survive and how to face difficulties. She is someone who will choose discomfort for herself, but comfort for her child. She embraces thrones for herself, but keeps her child safe. In her arms and lap, we find serendipity that fills our souls with a heavenly music.

When we first enter our home, the first question we ask is where’s mother? She is the beauty and grace of our homes, she is the one who can make the house, “The Home”.

Sometimes her high tone and aggression can make us a little uncomfortable and we may lose our cool and respond harshly, shouting and shrieking. She feels bad, but she forgets, forgives and her love continues to be the rudder of life.

She’s the one whom our eyes wanna see in every cold and warm situations, no matter what our age is. She reads our face quicker than anyone else, and knows instantly if we are in trouble, or hiding something. God has given her all the capabilities, making her a perfect package. She is a mathematician who knows the rules of equality. She’s a doctor who diagnoses the pain of her child. She’s an entertainer who knows how to cherish her child. She’s a laborer who works hard all day for her family. She’s a teacher who teaches us the rules of living in this world and much more.

But in return does she ever demands anything high?


The only thing she seeks is “respect”. Alas, sometimes we are unable to give her that. “Heaven is under the feet of a mother”, says a Hadith. If Allah has given her such an exalted status, then who are we to oppose her and to misbehave with her? Our mother always deserves our respect. There’s peace in her love.

Her arms are made of tenderness and we sleep soundly in them.  Whatever u does to her u will always find forgiveness because mother’s heart is a deep abyss. When they become fragile don’t raise your voice to them and treat them as they treated you in your childhood, with love and care.

It’s not too late yet. If your parents are alive, do seek forgiveness from them for the wrongs you may have committed intentionally or unintentionally, and start serving them. Literally, you will get an inner peace beyond your wildest imagination.

Grab this opportunity, before it’s too late. Ask those who have lost their mothers and now they are hitting their heads on the walls and are restlessly praying, seeking forgiveness for not being nice to their mothers, wishing only if they could come back to forgive them. But, alas!!

Parents are your responsibilities not those old house owners. Why those old houses are so filled up? Can’t you just handle and give shelter to your parents? Don’t get bizarre from their repetitions and their old age and habits, they behave been through this situation when you were young but they didn’t put you away from their homes, then why you?

The world is a “consequences of our actions”. Karma. What u do to others will come back to you. If you disrespect your parents, then don’t expect positive vibes from your children.

I get goosebumps, even when I imagine losing her. Wither her, my life would be like a barren desert, with no oasis of hope and happiness. I don’t know how people can even think of mistreating their parents, keeping them away.

May Allah lead us to the right path and give us strength to serve our parents.

Dedicated to my Mother, and every mother around the globe.

Happy Mothers Day

The contributor is a Pharmacy student at the University of Sargodha. 

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