Shimshal River Flood: Bridge destroyed, road damaged, cultivable land affected at several places

Gojal: A flood in the Shimshal River has damaged roads, destroyed a hanging bridge, and eroded orchards and cultivable land.

The flood started two days back, and locals are reporting that the sudden water surge may have been triggered by a glacial lake outburst.

“Today the river has washed away the Shimshal road near Pʉrkžrehk, and other locations betwən Jʉrjʉr and Passu”, said Ghulam Musa, a local resident. He also said that the erosion of the road has cut off the Shimshal Valley form the rest of the Hunza District. “Two more bridges, at Shikarδur and Ziyarat, are also under serious threat.”


If the road is damaged extensively, then the people may face shortage of essential items in the isolated valley.

There are also reports of a flood in a glacial stream located in Shimshal’s Khizerabad area. The flood has reportedly damaged several water channels, bringing irrigation activities to a halt.

The locals have demanded appealed to the district administration and provincial government to take necessary measures to reduce the impact of the destruction, and to work fast to keep the road open, while working swiftly to ensure that the probable future hazards are taken care of.

Shimshal Valley is home to around 200 households, and is located the North-West of Passu, at a distance of almost a 100 kilometers.

Photo: Qurban Baig 

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