18 year old Majida Fehmi from Gilgit-Baltistan nominated for Int’l Children’s Peace Prize

Islamabad: Majida Fehmi, an 18 years old activist for defending the rights of children, is one of the nominees for the 2017 International Children’s Peace Prize.

Nominated by Pakistan Innovation Summit for Education (PISE), Majida has been working tirelessly to raise awareness about the rights of children.

Majida Fehmi belongs to Gulmit, Gojal Valley, Hunza.

A paragraph on the website of the award’s organizers describes Majida in the following words:

“When she went to another city to pursue her studies, she met a little girl who was begging for money. Majida talked to the girl and learned that she wanted to go to school, but couldn’t. Majida sought help for her, but there was none available, so she decided to found her own organization, “Alpha – Yes we can,” to fight for the right to education. Her organization sends children back to school and helps families who could not otherwise afford the costs. Majida also talks to families and parents about the importance of education, convincing them to send their children to school.”


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