O drugs! Don’t hurt my body

By Tashmin Hunzai 

Countless blessings from Allah
One example is our body
Why to hurt it?
I should protect it
My body should stay safe
My parents might get hurt
They might feel pain
Why to make them sad?
Why to hurt my body
Why to hurt my soul?

We are blessed with a life by God Almighty. Many of us know the value of life and many of us know how to protect it.

Let’s talk about our parents;

A mother, who takes care of you from the very beginning, feel joyful about your birth. A father whose eyes get wet when he hears the news about new arrival of an angel. He gets excited about his child , he feels proud in advance that his child would do something awesome in his life that would make him and his wife so proud. We as children of our parents should not let them feel sad by hurting our lives, our bodies.We do not feel that much worried but our parents, we are careless , we do not care about ourselves, we do not care about the life gifted by ALLAH, we do not even feel pain when we get too much emotional, we do not look for good things, we always choose such things which are for fun not for our peace.

Many of us are into drugs. Many of our youngsters are on that point where they have no option left for getting out of the world of drugs. They have no idea, or concern, for how their parents might think after listening the news of their sickness.

Drugs cause cancer and many other diseases all are aware of this but still they tend to use drugs without any hesitation. They try them in such a good way that it is a juice served by their mothers. How careless and feeling less youngsters are we? Parents never expect that their children would get addicted to drugs, they never offer drugs nor serve them drugs, this is only because of lack of self responsibility and lack of care for our parents. If someone loves his/her parents they will never try a single time for any drug. It is because of the company that a youngster is living with, it is because of that environment of drugs in which his/her friends are throwing him/her into. Why should an individual obey that thing which is going to hurt their family system, norms, and manners, more than these our bodies? We are the new generation who are forgetting our own importance, we are forgetting the expectations which are being expected by our parents, we are forgetting the love which is given by our parents, what kind of generation we are becoming in real? Do you know? We are lost in those activities which are going to destroy our future, we are not doing the real things which are fruitful and which are the ways to our successful life and shining future. We are busy with useless activities. Our hearts are beating but they are not beating for a real reason. What are we doing youth?

We are selling our own lives to drugs for free. Our bodies have no value in front of drugs. We do not feel ashamed. We are becoming shameless. This is not the development, this is not the way of achieving higher literacy percentages, this is not success. The greater achievement is not getting into wrong activities like drug usage, suicidal attempts and fights.

Our life is a gift from ALLAH he has the authority to take our lives than why you are taking your lives for those activities which are harmful to you. God says: “You shall not kill yourselves” (4:29). “Let not your own hands contribute to your destruction” (2:195)

Almighty ALLAH orders us to not kill ourselves and we are killing ourselves in a very horrible and painful way. We are the youth of this nation, we have to save our nation, we have to take care of our families, we have to work together for the development of our societies and for our communities. We have to play an important role for the betterment of nation, we have to take our responsibilities.

Be a responsible part of youth, be the child of your parents who have planned something better for you, be the child of your mother and father who have felt proud on your birth. Do not get into rubbish, stay safe from harmful products. Protect your bodies by not hurting them, protect your souls from the evil power.

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