Thu. Dec 9th, 2021

The lost Warrior

By Qaisar Ali Shah 

From his mother’s womb to the time he learns to seek knowledge, one travels quite some part of a journey way ahead of him.

People before him grew up the same way, some poor and some rich.

What he fails every day is to ponder, freeze and look back. Look back as to what others had done. To what, he himself and people around him have done.

But this throwback, this moment of self-reflection, never comes in our lives. The “warrior” wonders why?

When he starts looking back, he finds so many things that have happened and so many things that are happening now.

Now some of these happenings include an education system, lavish lifestyle,  job prospects. Others can be politics, family, some emotion with near and dear ones Ha-ha !! There can be so many things.

Now while trying to achieve all this we never freeze a moment, never sit down and think !!!

We never think and we almost forget to ask ourselves.

1- Do we want all this?

2- Is it really worth something that we shall spend a lifetime on?

Spending a lifetime, please take note, your LIFE. Not money or any assets we have.

Are we so eager to achieve what this world shows us as a comfortable, secure and fool-proof (No risks) ?

Now the above mentioned can be exemplified as high paying jobs, shiny cars, best universities, and the list goes on. I am certain everyone has at least a list, If not, then something good to start with.

Magically, if some sane day one happens to take the opportunity and freeze the moment.

Well, he/she should be proud of themselves by now if they have taken the opportunity to actually do it.

So, the questions remain unanswered. Are we, after looking back into the past, ready to opt the same for our lives? It might be different in terms of the money and the lifestyle of that time than that right now.

If one finds and has chosen this to be his/her path, then I shall give them my best wishes.

But on the other hand if this warrior realizes that he doesn’t want this to be his way of life. Then what? He will think about the risks, family, society and God knows what not.

Lets even say that the path he wished for himself is extremely risky. Now the conventional mature theories, we have created, get the better of him. People, both educated and uneducated, come forward to help of this poor soul. Cure his pain and solve his dilemma by showing reasonable ways to settle in this world.

The poor soul is now smiling with ten other idiots. All saying that we will have this next year and that next year. And that I will be the CEO of XYZ Company and God knows what other flashy and brief dreams we have thought of.

Now lets take a moment back and see where the warrior is now. What I can see is that he is now a dot. A dot that continues to make a straight line of “progress”.

The point, dear humans, is that this warrior is no longer a warrior now. He is just drifting away in a world where risk is feared but not calculated and resolved.

Fun fact: In hospitals when people are alive, a screen shows a sinusoidal curve, which tell us that the person is alive or not. This curve, my dear humans, has so many ups and downs. The more rises and falls in the curve, the healthier or lively the person is.

But when it is straight, I am sure you know what happens, you do right?

So I ask you. I ask to look back and think. See where you are today and what you can decide for tomorrow.

I want you to see whether you’re drifting or not like the lost warrior had.

I want you to ask yourselves whether your life curve has ups and downs or is it going straight.

Look back, freeze back and enjoy a moment to take a tour in the past of the so called person that lives insides you. Ask him if he’s happy!

See for yourself if this warrior that lives inside you is still ALIVE or has a straight life-curve.


The lost warrior…



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