Sat. Dec 4th, 2021


Azra Nisar

Our mouths go up when we feel happy doesn’t matter either there are thirty two or twenty three teeth, Smile curve molds into a sad portrait when the exuberance flies away. Eyes brow touch each other and fabricate bottomless forehead lines when anger or worry wants to be pervasive. Happiness, sadness, and anger are all multi-hued expressions of our fleeting emotions. Let me eliminate “anger” because it is blessed with different definitions by each person on globe. Most commonly used and satisfactory definition of it is “TWO WAY HURTING PROCESS”. In simple terms your words hurt someone hard and then your attitude wound you back…………..philosophical!

Anger is something which works under one’s will, but mostly people call it an involuntary action where they lost their grip on their awful emotions. Another group of people adopt it because they think that it is the most reliable way to rule on someone or to create a stardom of their own. In actuality anger is first step towards death both physical and mental. Gradually this chronic habit makes you away from your circle it skillfully destroys one’s mental strength by pushing him into room of loneliness and depression. Let’s study DEEP!

When someone shows his angriness on second person simply he wants to make the series of events happen under his comfort and will. But when circumstances go contrary to his plan he tries to enforce his will through fight or acidic words which is synonymous to angriness. Though these irrational weapons make him victorious in his attempt but on the other side he starts losing his relations a beautiful bonding. Parents, siblings, and peers will try to escape from his company. When beloved ones would show their back, person will definitely go for unhealthy activities. He would try to engage himself at any cost………..TWO WAY HURTING!

Loneliness has been successful in planting strong roots of stress; this stress grows bitter apples of depression. A household name more famous than Einstein laws. Briefly and sincerely depression leads to neurological disorders. Closely observe the cycle and reflect where you fall!


Life is short to be little (unknown), let’s make it beautiful and erase angriness to make it elongated. Here are some good tips.

Develop habit of forgiveness, forgive your past, present, and live in future (book).

Move away from that place where you feel angry or uncomfortable, take five minutes’ walk and do listen to a song (your favorite one).

Take a cold glass of water and close your eyes for few seconds, take deep breaths.

The contributor is an alumnus of AKHSS-Hunza. 

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