Learn, Learn and Learn

Azra Nisar

God knows what we do in our mother’s contented womb before birth, but after coming out from that zone each of us started to ride a cycle of our own which runs on a definite path………….ECD classes fill one’s mind with usual old rhymes and poems thus not allowing them to produce their own, next stage introduces you with pencil colors and other type of colors where interestingly teacher strictly told you to don’t mix them (DISCOURAGE LEARNING). Then comes world of science books which adroitly bounds one’s thinking. Physics labeled with Einstein and Newton’s laws, chemicals and unseen gases makeup Chemistry, and mini cells give identification to Biology. We all walk on this path and proudly call ourselves LEARNERS!

Come on! Is learning only confine to passing some piles of books? Or it demands giving your theories and new ideas rather than studying the old ones time and again? Learning is in applying Newton laws than to make them reason of our A1. Actually we all muddle up education with learning; if education is garden learning is the lively flower giving spellbinding flagrance. Learning is in blending blue and yellow color, it is buried in meeting with new people around, and yeah well said Learning is a choice. One learns when he observes beauty of nature and writes a poem on it. Take a day out of home without any plan; be adventurous because it will surely end up with learning and knowing new facts of life. Bring innovation in spending your leisure time, if you play make others learn that. Feel the happiness and satisfaction this is learning.

Learning is vast with no exact definition.

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