Sat. Jan 28th, 2023

English Translation of a Na’t Sharif of Hazrat Pir Nasir Khusraw (RA)

By: Zahid Ali Nizari of Shotkhar Torkhow  

گزینم قرآن است و دینِ محمد
همین بود ازیرا گزین محمد

  1. I have chosen the Holy Quran and Hazrat Muhammad’s (SAWW) Religion because these two were chosen by Hazrat Muhammad (SAWW) himself.
  2. By the Grace of Allah, I hope to be in the gracious presence of the Holy Prophet (SAWW) as a humble member of Muhammad’s (SAWW) Community.
  3. I am sure that if I follow both the two then my certitude will become like Hazrat Muhammad’s (PBUH).
  4. O brother, in the depth of the River of Religion, the Holy Quran is the most precious pearl of Hazrat Muhammad (SAWW).
  5. The Holy Prophet’s (SAWW) Religion is the Key to the Paradise, the Proof of (Allah’s) Favors, and the strong Fort (which protects the faithful from the Outcast Satan).
  6. The testimony that Hazrat Muhammad (SAWW) is the Last Messenger of Allah was inscribed on the seal of the Holy Prophet’s (SAWW) ring.
  7. (It is natural with) every king to be in possession of buried treasure. Quran is the buried treasure possessed by Hazrat Muhammad (SAWW).
  8. Whom do you find the Prophet’s Trustee for this valuable hidden treasure and pearl?
  9. You bequeath your wealth and property to your offspring. Similarly the treasure of the Holy Prophet (SAWW) also went to his Holy Descendants.
  10. You will find the jewel and the pearl only if you approach the Holy Progeny of Hazrat Muhammad (SAWW).
  11. The Prophet (SAWW) handed the Exoteric and Esoteric knowledge of religion over to the worthiest and most knowledgeable of all companions _____ Hazrat Ali-al-Murtada (KarramAllahu Wajhahu), whose life partner (Hazrat Bibi Fatimat-uz-Zahra (A.S)) was the apple of the Prophet’s (SAWW) eyes.
  12. To this virtuous daughter of Hazrat Muhammad SAWW) were born Hazrat Imam Hassan (AS) and Hazrat Imam Hussain (AS), both of whom were beloved of the Prophet (SAWW). Both have been declared the Sardars of the Youth of the Heaven.
  13. That Hasan (AS) and Hussain (AS) are the Rose and Jasmine of Muhammad is the fact that can’t be denied. I have seen that these two fragrant blossoms couldn’t grow anywhere else than in the Garden of the Prophet (SAWW).
  14. By the Grace of Allah (Jalla Shaanunu), Who is the Creator of the Universe, I live in the strong Fort of Hazrat Muhammad (SAWW).

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