Tue. Dec 6th, 2022

The Voice of The Mother Earth

By Aaliya Moula Dad
Hunza, Gilgit-Baltistan

 Let my shoulders free of the mysterious and the arduous burden

The burden that has been dragging me down since your birth

Let my body free of coercion and devastation that torture my whole body

Release my body from the suffering and violence caused by your actions

Oh! Release my body from the grief that just torments my heart

Let me live the way I used to live, and set my body free of the suffering

I cannot put up with this agonizing pain anymore that proliferates everyday

Yet, I cannot tolerate this gloomy life

Nor I can endure bruises and wounds all over my body

Now, it’s the time to heal my sufferings and console my traumatized body

Now, it’s the time to stop you from torturing my body

Regrettably, you have done your best to ruin my whole body and body systems

You have ruthlessly contaminated my blood vessels and veins with lethal toxicants

Isn’t it heart wrenching when you inject those pollutants and acids into my body

Alas! Sitting alone under the night sky so black, I think how you have altered my body vessels, tissues, veins, and systems

In the blink of eye, you have deconstructed my whole body and its shape to comfort yourself

Argh! Now it’s the time to stop you before you put an end to my solely existence

Because you have done your best to poison my body’s health

Sigh! Let me break the silence, Let me cry out loud

The tears of blood are rolling down from my face, and you only watch as I am bleeding

Since your birth, I am bleeding because of your attitude, behaviour, desires, and choices

Seeing you harming my body, I close my eyes, and pretend as if I’m sleeping

Even though I shed my tears, you don’t see them because they’re colourless

Oh! It’s the time to stop you so that you can hear how my body creaks

Yet, I don’t want to grieve anymore because I want to live a healthy life

A life free of violation, destruction, degradation, and contamination

A life free of pains, sufferings, wounds, and scars

A life free of bullets because you have shot millions of them every day into my body

Now, it’s the time to free my body from those bullets that have wrecked down my shoulders

It’s the time to sooth my body because you have played enough the archery game with my only existence

Let me release my body from the burden

Yet, this burden is not going to leave my body at the first attempt

Because there are millions of you out there, who enjoy playing games with my body

Embarrassingly, I am the one who suffer the most, carrying the burden of anxiety

I suffer every second, every minute, every hour, every month, every year, and every decade

I am the one who carry this burden of suffering since your birth

The burden from the prison that means nothing to you

The burden that is still unnoticed and ambiguous

The burden that suffers me the most when I see you in deep slumber

Watching you sleep, I suffer the most because I cannot withstand my pain

Alas! I am not the same as I used to be, I am changed, and I feel it

I am changed because you have been stabbing knives into my body systems since your birth

Agonizingly you have stabbed blades and knives, and you watch how I bleed

Each part of my body is bleeding, still you are sleeping

From my head to toe, everything is not the same

Yet everything is getting worse, still you don’t recognise

Everything is strange to you because I am a stranger now

Aren’t you selfish? You only care about how to satisfy your desires

I have given you more than you deserve still, you don’t care about me

Still, you don’t care about my sole existence and my importance

All the time, I see you injecting poison into my body

Aren’t you selfish? You only care about maximizing your self-interest

All of me, bleed now, still you are abstain and make no move to heal my pain

Whatever happens to me, you just neglect, because you fear no danger

You don’t wonder how I bleed and get wounds when you throw stones and bolts

In the silence of the night and the game of thrones, I shed my tears like flash floods

But, you don’t realize because it’s an illusion and a dream for you

Alas! Seeing my broken heart, shattered body, only sadness is left in my eyes

And that sadness will carry me away and will drown my emotions that flood my body

Before I am inundated by flood waves and sea surges, let me stop you now

Let me break the silence and take a deep breath because I can’t wait till tomorrow

Let me stop you now because I don’t want to float below the surfaces

In unknown depths, I always love to float freely above the surfaces

Oh! I can’t imagine how I will dive beneath the surfaces when I am wholly drown

No way, this isn’t going to happen, never ever

Let me stop you because I will never be the same if I stay quite

Yet I may not even exist if I don’t stop you now

Let me retreat my immense power so that you get a wakeup call

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