Wed. Jan 26th, 2022


By Azra Nisar

Before starting my writing let me make it crystal clear to my valued readers that the central scheme of this article has been shared by one of my generous friends.

We all are wandering in this universe as a cloud, thus denying unity so cold not emerge as testament of enormous power. You might have prepared yourself for an imaginative activity, but let’s go with PRAGMITISM. Bring something heavy except refrigerator and home appliances.  Set into motion with a stone, push it with your one finger. Oh God! Your finger would better desire to be wrecked down than to be used that hard.  Now use your entire hand, scrutinize how smoothly and easily the interwoven fingers prove the magnificence of togetherness.   “Continuous as the stars that shine, and twinkle on the Milky Way they stretched in never ending line”.  

Study the noble beauty of sky at night which certainly blushes due to shining stars, group of stars magnifies the dark sky with its appealing light than a SINGLE STAR. Thus proving above lines true NEVER ENDING LINE. Let me move to the basic design of the script. Nowadays working with organizations is in vogue, many organizations are coming up for the worthy cause of bringing advancement in education and living standard life. Particularly Gilgit Baltistan is densely fenced with such organizations, which are chasing progress, quality, fineness, and fortification. But in this race we have sidelined one of the most vital values that are “SYNERGEY” and “TOGETHERNESS”. Individuality is becoming dominant and this practice is indeed chaotic for the society. Why should not these all organizations get glued and give a high watts push to the society rather than giving episodic pushes.

Multifold organizations are working in Gilgit Baltistan zone using men power and also money power. Both of these powers are divided into pieces thus unable to create a masterpiece. If both powers would be utilized generously for a common objective then an event could emerge as an enormous triumph. Organizations promoting value of education must gather on a same platform, synergy is not limited to organizations only this is a universal policy which can be applied in every sector. Doctors should work together and crack down life taking diseases, engineers should meet their shoulders in order to build strong bridges.

I and we! What you opt for, a single force or sum of numerous forces, well before choosing “I” remind the effort of your solitary finger.

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