Sun. Dec 5th, 2021

Blended Words – Azra Nisar


Dissolve your consciousness in the air around you

Your soul will be filled with magic which is true

The air around you is not just a thin blanket of gases

It has hidden gems of magic in various phases

Grab those gems and allow them go inside you, thus dissolving in you

Pick the gem of love, struggle, success, and belief

When they all combine inside you, measure the relief

The relief will grow into a huge rock of charismatic satisfaction………….which will define YOU


You are water, I am a drop

You are fire, I am a spark

You are moon, I am a star

You are mountain, I am a stone

You are a book, I am a chapter

You are sky, I am a cloud

You are tree I am a plant

You are flower I am a seed

You run I walk

You groan I weep

You laugh I smile

You stare I watch

You devote I give

You dissolve I mix

Thus, I have to grow to reach you to be a part of you

Colors are blending, making an unknown painting

Two souls are dissolving, creating an enormous power

Eyes are building contact, designing a profound story

Feelings are flowing, creating a fairy tale

We are not that close as Rumi and Tabriz, but our intimacy is as intricate as them

Our intimacy don’t match, there is a potential difference

However, the difference is a necessity to flow anything


The contributor is a student at the University of Central Asia. 

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