Mon. Apr 19th, 2021

PTI activist urges party’s central leadership to devise clear policy on Gilgit-Baltistan

Imtiaz Ali Taj, Head of PTI Gilgit-Baltistan’s social media team, has urged the party’s central leadership to devise a clear policy vis-a-vis Gilgit.

In an email (available with Pamir Times) sent to Asad Umer and Taimur Jhagra, Imtiaz has expressed concerns over the absence of Gilgit-Baltistan from the party’s recently announced 100-days agenda.

“This region is a gateway to CPEC and the only area connecting China and Pakistan. For 70 years, it is in constitutional orphanage with no political and constitutional identity.

There are two prominent demands in the region:

  1. Constitutional annexation with Pakistan by making it fifth province of the country with proportionate representation in parliament, or
  2. Internally autonomous region with its own constitution just like AJK

But to date no party has put forth a clear policy for this disenfranchised region, testing the patience of its people. However, the youth seem to be accepting this status no more. After testing the PPP and the PMLN, the youth of this region have put their last hopes with the PTI. If this party failed too, i fear the disgruntled and ignored youth might opt other means which may potentially lead into movements like Pashtun Tahafuz Movement with slogans of Da Sang Azadi Da or Baluchistan Liberation Parties/Forces.

It is a humble request, please pay necessary heed to the issue and put forward a policy. Keep in mind, empowering GB has absolutely no issue with UN resolution on Kashmir or the Kashmir dispute.”

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