MUNPlanet: A web of intellectuals, entrepreneurs and developers for a progressive, pluralistic world

ISLAMABAD: (PR) In the modern era of globalization and rapid communication, MUNPlanet has been an astonishing platform for individuals belonging to different regions around the globe. The great thing about MUNPlanet is that its aiming towards a progressive youth and guiding them in different aspects of life ranging from Entrepreneurship, community building, problem solving and critical thinking.

Couple of months ago MUNPlanet has offered some exciting fully funded Internships to its members. These internships are a great way to engage youth towards some critical yet exciting areas such as Healthcare, fighting poverty, sustainable development, diplomacy and the list goes by……

I was struck by one of the Internships that MUNPlanet has offered this summer which was related to Marketing and Public Relations. The course included some exciting steps that required applicants to make posts on social media like Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. The next step for candidates is to get selected and meet the MUNPlanet team and work with them side by side in the month of September, 2018.

As being a business student this is a great way to head into the world of growing Tech startup scene and Idea building. An entrepreneur with a legitimate idea would be fully surprised to see what this program by MUNPlanet has to offer. People from different parts of the world with the same caliber will be invited for a three-week paid internship at MUNPlanet’s Belgrade office in Serbia.

The aim of MUNPlanet, to be precise, is that the world needs leaders with a pluralistic mind and motive towards making the world a better place. A world where boundaries don’t matter, but what matters is your Ideas for development of society and leaving the world in a better shape for future generations to come.


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