Mon. Feb 6th, 2023

We shall See…

Maisam Muhammad Kazim

Outgrowing tyranny and oppression will come to its end, when the slogans of justice for all and equality before law will be sure.

Alas! we have forgotten humanity, we are busy in intriguing and distasting the odor of life, we the sons of Adam mutinying against our own blood, for materials and to be materialist we genocide the pulsating hearts. We feel proud in defeating others in the name of competitions, now our sincerities and devotions are only for the glitters, not for the dying hearts. For once betterment,we opt pathetic attitudes and our motives circulate around oneself, till, the troubles gone.  We shall see, and might face all these atrocities, till, we will not stand against sadisms and brutalities. We shall see massacres if we won’t chant slogans against cruelty and barbarisms. We cannot flourish without reforming ourselves.

Aww! A jerk has given to humanity in the name of religion, sect,race and ethnicity. People are now labelled with a tag of specific community. Everyone is in a state of turmoil due to this distinction which was created for one’s interests. To make matters worse, personal conflicts change into enmity by so called religious saviour, and to add fuel to the fire, politicians give these clashes a religious taste. What shall we see? People are decreeing salvations in return of blood shedding of a human being, a living human. We have forgotten the concepts of love, to be loved, and filled our hearts with hatred. We are being blind about one’s ideology and being told that you are the right one, and everyone except you are on stray. We have been fed up with detestations and told to despise others beliefs. We shall see the outcomes; we shall see the pool of blood if we won’t stop these bias feedings. Have we ever dare to think, why there is too much violence in the world? Have you question yourself ever? Do you know these instabilities are because of those thoughts that cannot compel one to think of his/her righteousness?

Woe! we have no controls on the strings of our lives. We are submerging, our emotions and thoughts in the wine of self-centered beliefs, that flings curtain in our eyes which persuade us to cross any limit, we get ready to humiliate anyone who stand between us and our confine dogmas. Most of the brutal activities are because of misconceptions and wrong interpretation of religion. If we go back in past, we would see that most barbaric acts had taken place against the people of others set of beliefs. We all know, the war between Catholic and Protestant that long many years and the consequences were, many people were crucified and thousands were hanged. Crusades were fought between Muslims and Christians. As chauvinist Hitler killed millions of people in the name of religion, Shiv Sehna, ISIS and Al-Qaeda are those extremists group who interpreted religion according to their interests, as a result thousands of people are genocide and assassinated in the name of their sacred interpretations. Though no religion permit to kill any innocent but these apostates are doing so for their interests. The seed of falsehood sown by atrocious extremists, has ripen now and due to which the world is in a catastrophic state. Racism, sect, ethnicity, and caste, this damn system is muffling the voice of humanity and leading to major tussles among us. Now it’s enough, there will be no more savageness, it’s time to alleviate issues and troubles. Then, we shall see what a common man wants and we shall have a world where people pacify each other not enrage for theirs purposes.

Come what may, truth will arise and this truth is humanitarianism which is you and me.  We shall see peace, tolerance and emancipation when we have courage to crush zealots by following prudent advises of our conscience. We shall see humanity when the jerks given by different ways are abandoned by self-catharsis and adorn ourselves with purity. We shall see justice when we start examining ourselves and think for others as we think for ourselves. Instead of competition, contribute your devotions and struggles to your people. Be sure you may not go anywhere after defeating a human being, so, to see a hopeful world, each of us need to win hearts of people. Then, we shall see love and affections for humanity which bring down injustices and atrocities.

The contributor is a student at GCU, Lahore. 

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