Shaukat Ali Khan appointed Chief Information Officer of University of Central Asia (UCA)

: Dr. Shams Kassam Lakha, Chairman Board of Trustees for University of Central Asia and AKDN representative for Kyrgyz Republic appointed Shaukat Ali Khan as a Chief Information Officer (CIO) for the University of Central Asia. He will be responsible for the overall management of all aspects of IT services, including leading and innovating seamless operation of IT systems and digital transformation. Shaukat will be responsible to build on the UCA’s IT vision to plan and introduce appropriate information technology systems, so that the institution optimizes benefits from emerging technologies. He will be responsible to provide leadership to ensure that the IT strategy meets, and supports delivery of the growth and business strategy of UCA across all three countries – Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, Kyrgyz Republic and all the institutions under UCA.

Shaukat is joining UCA from Copenhagen Denmark, where he is working at Novo Nordisk HQ Copenhagen as a Head of global IT Production infrastructure of global production facilities of Novo Nordisk. He is providing leadership to the team of Senior Architects, Specialists, project managers, consultants and operational experts. Additionally, he is responsible to define and implement a long term strategy and road-map for the Production infrastructure.

He was leading and managing teams in different time zones to support 43 manufacturing factories around the world.  Novo Nordisk is the biggest market share holder company in Scandinavia and 6th in Europe with over 150 billion USD market share.

Earlier, he was responsible as a Chief Architect for the network infrastructure which serves more than 43,000 employees in over 80 countries worldwide.

Prior to Novo Nordisk, he was working at UNICEF HQ IT Center in Copenhagen, where he was responsible for the IT operations.

He has done his Master of Science in Computer Science (MS-CS) with emphasis on IT management and strategic change from Blekinge Institute of Technology, Karlskrona, Sweden. In addition, he is a Harvard Business School certified Dynamic Manager and Leader, equipped with the tools and best practices available in leadership, strategy development, project management, change management, decision making, career management and difficult interactions.

Shaukat started his professional working experience at Siemens Engineering Company and have management experience with multi-national companies like Lockheed Martin, Getmore and the Marriott Hotel.

Moreover, he has received more than 30 national and international awards for participating in various events. His book ”Technological and social issues in the development and deployment of facial recognition biometric systems” has been published and it’s available on Amazon and other leading retailers.

About UCA: 

The University of Central Asia (UCA) was founded in 2000 as a private, not for profit, secular university through an International Treaty signed by the Presidents of the Kyrgyz Republic, Tajikistan, and Kazakhstan, and His Highness the Aga Khan; ratified by their respective parliaments, and registered with the United Nations. The Presidents are the Patrons of the University and His Highness is the Chancellor. UCA’s mission is to promote the social and economic development of Central Asia, particularly its mountain communities, by offering an internationally recognised standard of higher education, and enabling the peoples of the region to preserve their rich cultural heritage as assets for the future. UCA brings with it the commitment and partnership of the broader Aga Khan Development Network. For more information:

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