Rakaposhi Rising Stars: The Montessori School Changing Lives in Ghulmet, Nagar

Miss Bina

Education is the beacon of light for every soul. It gives the right direction to the journey of life and if this process starts at the early stage of a child’s life, it is the best. But the little gems of my village were deprived of this light at the early stages of their life. There was no Montessori school in my village, Ghulmet, Nagar. I always felt that such an institution will help the children prepare for the challenges of the life ahead.

Then, an idea struck my mind; “Why not start a Montessori school here in my village”?

On April 4th, 2015, i started the school, calling it the “Rakaoshi Rising Stars”, taking inspiration from the lofty and shiny Rakaposhi peak.

Initially, there were only 15 students in the school. Now, the strength of students has reached 75, which I think is a phenomenal progress, because I have earned the trust of the parents and their kids.

My objective behind establishing the school to inculcate good habits, moral values and extra curricular talent among the kids. It gives me immense pleasure to observe that apart from being good in traditional education, the children are also performing well in extra curricular activities. I am hopeful that this process will keep improving.

The courage and motivation which led to initiate this grand job came from my parents. They have always been supportive of my endeavors; my father has always been there with me, through the thick and thin of life. I am very thankful to my parents for their support in making Rakaposhi Rising Stars a success. The reward that I wanted out of this process was internal peace, satisfaction and happiness by seeing young-ones learn and flourish, which I am seeing is being accomplished.

It makes me very happy and contented that my purpose of enlightening the lives of these little gems is being achieved. Initially, there was no Montessori school system in the district, but now there are 5 schools imparting education to the children.

I am looking forward to the extension of more and more schools in the far flung areas of Nagar so that no kid is left without early quality education.

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