“The League is Dead, Long Live the United Nations”

Justice (r) Muzaffar Ali

Our world has witnessed thousands of wars but “the First World War” is notoriously known as the “the war to end all wars”. By the time the world war ended, more than 16 million human beings were dead.

League of Nations was established with the aim of preventing repeat of wars. The League of Nations, however, could neither manage to prevent Japan’s invasion of Manchuria, nor annexation of Ethiopia by Italy, or that of Austria by Hitler. The League’s powerlessness caused its demise in the year 1946.

Lord Cecil closed the assembly with the last words “the league is dead, long live united nations.”

Nazi Hitler, fascist Mussolini caused WWII, same ended in the year 1945. America used atomic bomb against Japan, destroyed two cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, and got the title of first and last country to use atomic bomb in human history. The world leaders again think of a global forum. UNO was established. Its charter gives mandate to the Security Council to prevent “aggression” either through peaceful means or by using force.

The Security Council has five big countries as permanent members vested with veto power. America is “pivot man” in. The primary role of Security Council is to settle issues among countries, which might be a “threat” to world peace and security. UNO, under its security council solved many issues. Alas! Kashmir and Palestine issues since 1948 remain unsolved agenda on the table of Security Council.

On Kashmir, both India and Pakistan are claimants. India entered its army into, with the plea that maharaja Kashmir has made a “succession deed” with. Pakistan claimed over Kashmir as 98% of Muslim population has chosen Pakistan. Both faced armed conflicts over Kashmir. Indian PM Nehru went to the UNO seeking its help. Pakistan also agreed role of UNO in settling the issue.

Security Council probed into the issue, passed eleven resolutions. Conclusions drawn as (a) armed conflicts in Kashmir are real threat toworld peace and security”. (b) Rejected respective claims of both countries, (c) accepted the right of self determinations of kashmiris. (d) Both the conflicting countries waived their respective claims and conceded a plebiscite under the auspices of UN.

Security Council failed in implementation of its resolutions on Kashmir, since 1948. India introduced article 370 to its constitution, gave a special status in reference with the so called “instrument of accession by maharaja”. This article was also in violation of Security Council’s resolutions.

RSS with “Hindutua” ideology is established in India on the pattern of Nazism of Hitler. Modi leads Bharatiya Janata Party (a wing of RSS) in governmen. He has thrown Security Council resolutions on Kashmir. He deleted article 370, discarded the so called “accession instrument”, turned Kashmir into a big jail. Imposed longest curfew. He himself went to America. America received Modi as a Victor. Trump joined a public audience arranged by Modi, raising his hand in hand with Modi lauded great people of India and America are fighting against Islamic extremist terrorism.

What prevents Modi, from genocide and kidnapping kashmiris and from violation of conclusions in the security council resolutions, when the top “pivot man” of Security council welcomes him, closing the eyes towards the aggression by Modi? While it was required to suspend the membership of India in UNO and disallowed Modi to attend the annual meeting for his barbaric activities, atrocities as an aggressor in Jamu & Kashmir state.

  1. Khan, the premier of Pakistan, well defined Islam as religion of peace and as “Islam is one”. These terrorist groups, unguided and ignorant Muslims were given birth to, by America initially, do not represent Islam. Muslim states encountered them particularly; Pakistan has lost at least 70,000 civil and military persons. World knows what kind of role India played except false blames against Pakistan for intrusion of so called terrorist into LoK just to mislead the world opinion against the indigenous liberation struggle of kashmiris. But Donald Trump gives a pave to India by saying that “both America and India are defending their borders from Islamic terrorist”.

Trump tried to conceal his favor to India by arranging a meeting with Mr. Khan but soon disclosed. When a news correspondent asked him a question like “Mr. President Do you give equal place to an aggressor and an oppressed?” Donald Trump got confused and turned the question into a giggling atmosphere.

World must understand “League of Nations” could not prevent Hitler, Mussolini and other dictators from their ambition to expand their territories and also failed to prevent victors of     WWI from extra ordinary claims using the league in this regard consequent upon league became dead. It is also irrebuttable that, United Nations has been made by the victors of WWII and Security Council gives permanent membership to those countries. At present, Modi has turned the subcontinent into an active volcano and if United Nations and super powers remain spectators then, not only the subcontinent but the entire world might face its burst as Modi could attack even control line with the pretext of terrorism as Trump has given him the license. If the subcontinent is caught by the fire of war, the world order could be change and the UN might lost its mandate and history could be revised with the word “United Nations Organizations is dead” as lord Cecil said “League of Nation is dead”.

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